Quick question…

One of the donors we like…well, we’ll see when we read his long profile soon enough, is CMV+. If we decide to go with him, we’ll have to get Nutella tested to see if she is CMV+ or -. Has anyone had this test done, and if so, what was it like (finger prick or full draw of blood) and where did you have it done?


– Strawberry

4 responses to “Quick question…

  1. Our fertility clinic requires this test, along with a lot of other tests. I think something like 80% of the population is CMV+ so you really increase your perspective donor list if you get tested (since you are probably CMV+ anyway). I don’t know what the test is specifically because I had so many done at once. I had to pee in a cup, get blood drawn, and get a pap smear, and one of those included the CMV test.

  2. I had it done as part of a huge series of bloodwork required by my fertility clinic. They took like 8 vials of blood that day.

  3. Thanks guys, I just called my OB office and they are preparing a lab slip for me to have the CMV screen done. Although, their in-house lab can’t do it. My RE didn’t recommend or require any testing as long as I chose a CMV- donor with a compatable Rh blood factor. I just want the CMV screen done so that if I’m negative we don’t even look at CMV+ donors.

    I’m a huge needle phobe and just thinking about having 1 vial drawn freaks me out. There is NO WAY I could do 8.

  4. Yeah–the RE I see also required this. And I ended up being negative, for whatever reason, so I had to add that to my donor search criteria. It’s just a regular sized needle and a normal amount of blood drawn, so don’t be too afraid.

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