Making progress slowly

In the past week we have:

  • Gotten haircuts. (I’m sure this has no impact upon the baby making process, but at least it got done)
  • Hosted a lesbian baby shower at which there were 2 babies/toddlers with lesbian moms in attendance.  All live within 1 mile of us. That’s gotta be good for us, right? (note to self: drink more tap water from home)
  • Been approved as a client at sperm bank #2 and ordered the long profiles of our 3 top choice donors there.  They should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.
  • Ordered and received the 2 most highly recommended lesbian conception and pregnancy books.  So highly recommended, in fact, that either a) no one was willing to part with them or b) has them anymore because they gave them to someone else already.  We tried to get them at our local gay bookstore, which didn’t have them.  So I ordered them online.  Now we just have to read them.Baby Shower Cake














I made the cake for the shower and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Let’s hope that a year from now someone is making one for us!

9 responses to “Making progress slowly

  1. Hey, how long does it take to get approved by the the sperm bank.

  2. This particular bank took about 1 week. They only accepted registrations via snail mail but after that they were very communicative and helpful over email, fax, and phone.

  3. Awesome cake there! Happy things are moving forward. 🙂

  4. Looks great!

  5. Ticks_Cowgirl

    About the books…

    Having finished the Pepper book and started the Brill book, I have to say that the Pepper book is much more reader friendly. The Brill book has a lot of information in it, but in a lot of ways it seems like an advertisement for the Maia Center to me. On the other hand, the Pepper book is much more focused on homeopathy. Both are worth reading, I think, just written from very different places.

    Congrats on getting accepted by the bank, and the cake is beautiful!!!

  6. Thank you, tbean and R, and welcome to this blog 🙂

    Thanks for the word of caution, Tick. I’ll let you know what we think…so much to read!


  7. That cake looks fantastic! I haven’t read the Pepper book, but as I told you, we’ve got the Brill. If you like the Pepper one, let me know, we’ll check it out. 🙂

    And hurrah for getting approved! (also for haircuts)

  8. I have read both books. The Brill book is more informative since it’s written by medical professionals – do this, don’t do this, here’s exactly what’s going on in your body. The other book was a little to basic for me, though it has some very good information, particularly about understanding your fertile mucus.

  9. You already have more fellow-mommy friends than I do. 😦

    But to be fair, almost all the other mommies in the neighborhood have 5-10 years, a stable career or non-career, and a mortgage, so our interests and lifestyles are very different. They do find us very interesting, though. In a “You wouldn’t imagine that artsy people can also have a somewhat normal family life” sort of way.” LOL… I think.

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