Monthly Archives: March 2008

The baby batter catalogue

Last night, Nutella and I did some online donor searching. Finding donors that share my physical characteristics is a fairly quick process, and surprisingly, most of the guys we found that have said characteristics sound like winners. Most of the ones that we turned down seemed too tall or big which isn’t a good thing considering that Nutella and I are both small, short people. It’s interesting to note how different the prices are for baby batter…some places charge as much as $600 and some as little as $200. Why in the world would we pay for a $600 vial when we’re perfectly happy with the $200 vial? Happily, this knowledge made us realize we have enough money for many more tries than we originally thought we could afford, though hopefully it won’t take long (although that’s what everyone wishes).

Searching for donors was fun though…and in a strange way, like picking out the perfect car or a puppy.

– Strawberry

all signs point to yes

This is the first month that I have been using ovulation predictor kit sticks (OPKs). These are little test strips which detect the luteinizing hormone (LH) that a woman’s body releases when she ovulates. I started testing a few days prior to my anticipated ovulation and then I watched as the test line went from non-existent, to faint, to very dark. In addition to this, my basal temperature and other signs point to my having ovulated sometime between yesterday evening and this morning. Had we been ready to do an insemination, I would have done one yesterday and most likely I would have been right on target. This is exciting news, because the more accurately we can pinpoint things the better our odds are when we actually do start. I’ll keep up with my charting and OPK testing for the next 2 months and then in June we will add some swimmers!


Making a cupcake.

This is Nutella and Strawberry. We are a lesbian couple that has been together since April 2003. Nutella is your basic ENFP (read: loud, friendly, zany, optimistic) and Strawberry is the ISFJ yin to her yang (read: empathetic, practical, loyal, and at times OCD) Please join us on our amazing journey towards becoming parents.