Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

It’s a giant baby!

Yep, me.  I am still a giant baby when it comes to needles.  Somehow over the years I have managed my phobia well enough to suffer thru tetanus boosters and flu shots with a minimum amount of fuss and hysterics.  But it has been at least 6 years since my last blood draw and I’m still as much of a wreck as I always have been.  My blood pressure drops and I get cold, my veins retreat, I get tingly extremities, my ears ring, and I have to concentrate very hard with my eyes squeezed shut on breathing deeply and not passing out.  And then once I’m given the “all done” I burst into tears.  Thereafter, a quickly administered small amount of chocolate boosts my blood sugar enough to counteract the drop in blood pressure.  I need about 10 minutes to recover enough to walk and my arm will be weak and almost useless for the rest of the day.    All of this for 1 tiny vial of blood.  Like I said, a giant baby.

But, I survived the blood draw for my CMV screening.  The phlebotomist was very quick and patient. Strawberry was there to hold me and reassure me and administer the chocolate.  She’s so good and kind and now she can commiserate with my mother over what a ninny I am.  It would be really great if this were the last time I needed blood drawn during the whole “have a baby” process, but I know that’s impossible.  I think I may explore the possibility of getting a prescription for a topical numbing cream, and I am going to request to lie down next time.

I don’t know when we’ll know the results, they will only release them to my OB, since she’s the one that did the lab order.  I guess I can call them starting on Monday.