Daily Archives: April 7, 2008

A trip to the baby-makin’ doc

Just arrived home after our first visit to the fertility clinic. It went very smoothly. Nutella and I were seated in the doc’s office to chat about things. The doc asked us what we’ve been doing so far, which we answered by producing Nutella’s latest fertilityfriend.com chart (which the doc was impressed by!), and talking about our first month’s OPK’s, choosing donors, and Nutella’s brief medical history. The doc did not express any reservations about moving forward with this process, which means we will be doing our first insemination the second week in June (a convenient time for Nutella & I). Then Nutella was subjected to a quick cervical culture just to screen out any infections while I sat in the room trying to figure out where to look/not look. lol.

A few things we found out during this visit:

  • If we choose CMV negative donors who are negative for genetic disorders and have a positive blood type like Nutella, we do not have to get any further tests. Nutella will have to be tested if this is otherwise, so hopefully we can find a donor who fits this criteria…only 1 of the 5 we’ve already chosen does not fit it.
  • It is easier for us to get pre-washed sperm because if not, it costs more money and more time (about 2 hours) to get this done in the doc’s office.
  • Not that this was surprising, but this stuff is expensive, and now we know just how much. If you would like to know, please leave a comment, and we can e-mail you directly with the costs.
  • Parking costs $10 (yuk!) Alright, that’s not related to the fertility stuff, but it would’ve been nice to know that. Thankfully, when we said we had no cash on us, the nice receptionists gave us a get-out-of-parking-lot-free card 🙂

Once Nutella introduced me while chatting with the doc, I felt very included and comfortable. I was personally very happy with the visit.

Finally, we thought it ironic to mention that as we were leaving, the whole place smelled like fish because someone had just heated up their lunch. Just sayin’.

– Strawberry