Photo Challenges

Photo Project courtesy of An Offering of Love.

November: WHITE

October: ORANGE

September: PURPLE

August: GREEN

July: RED



April: PINK

March 2011: BROWN

February 2011: GREY

January 2011: BLUE

Each Friday, Calliope at Creating Motherhood sponsors a photo share.  Themes are announced a few days prior.

Let’s find art in the everyday!

October 22 Orange

Leaf porn.

July 30 Play!

Our son is very much into riding vehicles like this, although not at the point where he can do it himself. If he tries, he inevitably ends up going backwards. So as of now, pushing it is!

His moms are still very much into childhood play, as evidenced by this giant slide. It’s great to have another excuse to slide, swing, climb, dance, etc 🙂

July 16 Pets

Hazel by Strawberry
I’ve had Hazel since she was a 10 week old handful. She is the kind of chihuahua that changes people’s minds about chihuahuas…one of the sweetest, most affectionate, and well-behaved dogs you will ever meet. Our friends often warn us that they may dognap her. I took this picture at home in the evening (no flash) and for some reason it came out all yellow which is kind of neat.

Here’s another picture of her…

July 9 Tattoos

Motherhood on Nutella
I got this tattoo as a visible, external mark of the way I feel motherhood has changed me. My ‘mother-ness’ feels invisible whenever I’m not with my son. I chose to have it done on the inside of my left wrist, thinking that this would be attention-getting, yet in the two months I’ve had it so far, only 1 stranger has ever commented on it. But I notice it all the time, always on the edge of my vision.

Cherry Blossoms on Strawberry
Similarly to Nutella, I feel that parenthood has changed me significantly, and I got this tattoo done to mark the passing of the first year (I will NOT be getting more to mark each year!) To me, the cherry blossoms symbolize the transient nature of time, the beauty of life and its moments, and the passage of seasons. Also, this is my largest tattoo and was a bit of a trial to decide on, to go through and to look back on. Which is very much like my thoughts on having a child in the first place.

July 2 What I like about Me

Betterment by Strawberry

Cockeyed Optimism by Nutella

June 25 Unexpected Loves

Picky Eater Turned Foodie by Strawberry

It’s Not Math by Nutella

June 18 Afternoon Delight

Friday lunch pedicure by Nutella

June 4 Night

Nightscape by Strawberry

Electric Fireworks by Nutella

May 28 Black and White

Curly by Strawberry

May 14: Inside the Fridge

Dairy queen by Nutella

April 30 Beverage or What’s/Who’s cooking?

Magic in the making, by Nutella

Happy Hour, by Strawberry

April 23 Mailbox or blue jeans

Shrubbery, by Nutella

Buttons, by Strawberry

April 16, 2010 Cooking Oil or Electronic Light Source

Musical Toy, by Strawberry

Freezer light, by Nutella

April 9, 2010 Bowls or Doorknobs

Heirloom pyrex mixing bowls, by Nutella

Dog bowl, by Strawberry

44 responses to “Photo Challenges

  1. Love the Colors of those bowls!

  2. I love the bowl line up. Very vivid!

    *blush* At first I thought that cat was eating some big food, then I realized it was a small dog. oops. In my defense our medium sized dog ended up being a moose. My vision is skewed. Cute shot!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the colors of those bowls…wow! Very nice b&w in the second photo.

  4. I don’t think I could pick a favorite of these — they are all so cool and instantly tell stories. Major great interps!


  5. Wowee! Love both pix and their sophisticated sense of humor.

  6. Loving the mailbox. Especially the red flad that stands out.

  7. I love this idea. I’d like to do it, too!

  8. You whipped up some yummy Magic, didn’t you?

  9. mmmmmm. I smell cupcakes!!!

  10. Wow. Amazing shots!

  11. funny, we have those bowls, too. (except none of ours are decorated.) they’re the greatest, eh?

  12. especially love the blue jeans/buttons!

  13. I love the colours in all of your shots, very intense and saturated.

  14. Again, y’all’s pairings of photos are so beautifully evocative. There’s magic in both shots!

  15. I want cheese please.

  16. I think you might have as much food in your fridge as I do.

  17. I’m coming over to YOUR house. I heart cheese.

  18. Love that photo of your fridge!
    (actually loved most of your other photos too (-: )

  19. Oh love these!!!! All of them are so great!

  20. Great collection of shots. I especially like the counter of ingredients waiting to be transformed into some tasty baking. Mmmm.

  21. I really love how the black and white makes the pattern of the hair really standout. Cool shot.

  22. What perfection! He is such a darling!

  23. I love your picture! What a great shot.

  24. oooooh! great nightscape. The colors are perfect.

  25. How did you do that???? Love / Love !

  26. I’m with Calli – the nightscape has awesome color in it. Very cool.

  27. I love them both! Wow

  28. These are awesome. Love the happy hour photo.

  29. awwww. Cute little piggies!!

  30. I love Food Porn! I’m no natural cook, w/ a recipe, I can mix it up and make it my own, but I can just sit and watch it on TV and read about it.. 🙂 And love last week’s pedi picture!

  31. but it IS math! It IS!!!!
    (I tried to get sudoku and it hurt my head)

  32. Ooo–> love the foodie surprise & in awe of the sudoku revelation (have nit discovered the clue I need on that!). Great shots, y’all!

  33. Nice shot with the magazines.

  34. Ooooh, I like the magazines. Sudoku is pretty cool but I like playing it electronically.

  35. I am jealous of your perfect teeth and gorgeous, thin hands. Nice shots!

  36. Both of those shots are fabulous. I love the contrast in hand sizes in the first one and that gorgeous smile int he second.

  37. What a sweet little dog and I love your tats.

  38. I Heart Hazel!!

    My best friend has 3 chi’s and they are so sweet and sassy.

  39. Having kids is such a great excuse to let loose and have fun. I’d do it even without the kids but with them along people don’t look at me quite as oddly.

  40. love the ride on picture! my photo Friday for this week is similar! 🙂

  41. I miss my son’s bus that he used to ride on all over the house. It was so cute.

  42. Those are some of the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen.

  43. you had me at porn!!
    I do love some good tree & leaf porn

  44. Love the motherhood tattoo, and the other! Thank you for sharing what it means to you! I love to hear why/how people come by their ink! If I ever saw you, I’d compliment you on it!

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