Daily Archives: April 25, 2008

Back to the baby batter catalog

The RE’s office returned my message about sperm washing at 7:05am this morning. Thankfully our alarm goes off at 7:00, so we weren’t TOO startled. They charge WAY more than we are willing to spend and since our #1 choice of donor is only available “unwashed” we are now back to the catalogs. Good thing we still have 2 months before we need the stuff.

To sum it up thus far:
choice #1= unwashed only
choice #2= CMV+
choice #3= schizophrenia in the family history

Thank goodness for the Internet. I can’t imagine doing all of this by mail and phone!

*Strawberry adds: We do have 3 other possible donors, with long profiles for one or two so far. Fortunately we’re not ‘SOL’ at this point, but it’s unfortunate we can’t go with our top choices. Oh well.