Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

Quick question…

One of the donors we like…well, we’ll see when we read his long profile soon enough, is CMV+. If we decide to go with him, we’ll have to get Nutella tested to see if she is CMV+ or -. Has anyone had this test done, and if so, what was it like (finger prick or full draw of blood) and where did you have it done?


– Strawberry

Making progress slowly

In the past week we have:

  • Gotten haircuts. (I’m sure this has no impact upon the baby making process, but at least it got done)
  • Hosted a lesbian baby shower at which there were 2 babies/toddlers with lesbian moms in attendance.  All live within 1 mile of us. That’s gotta be good for us, right? (note to self: drink more tap water from home)
  • Been approved as a client at sperm bank #2 and ordered the long profiles of our 3 top choice donors there.  They should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.
  • Ordered and received the 2 most highly recommended lesbian conception and pregnancy books.  So highly recommended, in fact, that either a) no one was willing to part with them or b) has them anymore because they gave them to someone else already.  We tried to get them at our local gay bookstore, which didn’t have them.  So I ordered them online.  Now we just have to read them.Baby Shower Cake














I made the cake for the shower and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Let’s hope that a year from now someone is making one for us!