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Freeze frame!

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend, despite the disgusting heat and humidity.  We decided to take our Saturday morning outing somewhere air conditioned.  And so we ventured out to the mall.  We figured we could tackle multiple errands, the biggest of which would be getting a passport photo for Curly.  After the tedious experiences of the Puffer family, we were prepared for the worst, but it could not have been easier.  Curly sat on a high stool in front of the white backdrop, I knelt on the ground next to him and held his hands at his sides, Strawberry stood behind the photographer making silly faces and in 3 shots, we had our photo.  Some quick cropping and zoom on the computer and they printed them up.  We were in and out in 15 minutes. Puffer, I’m sorry you couldn’t have waited until 14 months to get passport photos, I can imagine the difficulty of trying to have done it when Curly was only a few months old.

On Sunday, we filled up our baby pool early so that by mid afternoon it would be a nice wading temperature.  Our new neighbors and their 18 month old came over and everyone had fun in the water.  Well, maybe the boys didn’t have FUN, but they weren’t screaming or crying, so I call that a win.  I can see our families being good friends as our boys grow up together and that feels very nice.

And finally, Curly was all about showing off his new “toddler” skills this weekend…


So we got our first ‘incident’ phone call from daycare. Apparently Curly was cruising with a toy in his mouth, tripped and face-planted, and cut his lip. They calmed him and tried to ice it, which he hated, so they resorted to giving him half a popsicle to work on (not a bad idea we thought) I like how we were notified right away and received a written report upon picking him up. It looked pretty awful! We are still very happy with this daycare. Curly is officially over his ‘tears at drop-off’ phase. We have had ZERO issues with diaper rash. He hasn’t been sick with more than a mild cold (knock wood). And they seem to take very good care of him. We just wish he would nap longer. That should hopefully get better once he transfers to the toddler room.

On to the next question, this time from Two Moms, Two Monkeys: Do you leave Curly asleep and then go, or leave while he is awake?

We almost always leave Curly right after we put him to bed. We like to be the ones doing his bedtime routine, and since he goes to bed at 7pm, it’s a pretty convenient time to go out afterward. When our friends babysit for us, they know they’re just going to be hanging out downstairs while Curly sleeps upstairs. They may peek at him with the video monitor, but it’s a totally effortless job. They’re advised that if he should wake up upset, to give us a call right away. When we do need to go somewhere before his bedtime, we like for our parents to watch him. He knows them the best and it’s important for him to feel comfortable. But those instances are few in number.

Check out my injury!

Round and round we go

First off, Father’s Day. Curly is blessed with two wonderful grandfathers, which would make Nutella and I blessed with two wonderful fathers. We are thankful for them and while Curly will not be celebrating Father’s Day within our immediate household, he can certainly celebrate it for their sakes. His daycare put aside a couple days this week to work on crafts for Father’s Day, and we were curious what they would do for a two mom household. We weren’t left out though- we got a card and a mug with his footprint on it just like everyone else. We also decided to attend the Father’s Day BBQ on Friday late afternoon. It was very inclusive, but also kind of lame so we didn’t stay long…just long enough for Curly to get all sticky-sloppy while slowly eating a slice of watermelon.

Thanks to those who asked questions in the comments of our last post. We are always up for new questions or possible blog topics- don’t want to have jumped the shark yet! The first question appears below, and since the second question is R-rated, that answer will be locked down later this week 🙂

Jen asked: Did you decide on having kids before you got married or was it something you discovered afterwards?

Nutella has always wanted to be a mother, so for her it was a given. I wasn’t so sure, but since I knew I was marrying someone with such a strong desire to parent, I also knew what I was in for. Since Nutella was ready to go for it earlier than I was, we discussed it and came up with a time line as a compromise. It was probably about 3 years later than she would’ve liked (which I am still shocked at!), but I needed the time to get comfortable with the idea. Still, it all worked out in the end.

PS- SOMEONE may have been spotted taking two unassisted steps between chairs this weekend….!
PPS- …and also may have had his first ride on a carousel…

Flowers, plants or linen

Those are the traditional gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary.  Strawberry and I celebrate ours today (as do Olive and Fern).  We met up for lunch and I bought Strawberry a new office plant since her old one met with an unfortunate accident. There will be a special dinner at home and then we have friends babysitting for both Friday and Saturday nights.  That’s about all that’s going on around here, although I’m hopeful that we have turned a corner with the crying at drop off.   It’s now been a few days that have been tear-free.  Yesterday he was very tired so I tried placing him in a crib for a nap right as we arrived and he sat up to watch me leave but didn’t cry.  Today he was more perky and after a quick cuddle in the play room, he voluntarily turned towards a group of older kids playing around a table and joined in.  I am so relieved.

We’ve been finding it tough to come up with blog topics lately, so we’d like to open the floor to questions.  Anything you want to know? Random questions are fine, too!

Updated to add: OMG!! She sent me MACARONS at work!!  I ❤ macarons! I ❤ my wife!

Pride Full

We went into the city for our Pride celebration last weekend. Met up with Teaberry and family, and other friends of theirs. It was stiflingly hot, but all the babes did wonderfully. We had Curly in the E.r.go carrier, and he was completely distracted by everything going on around him, and feeling comfortable and worn out enough near the end that he actually started to nod off. This is MAJOR for us, since he usually has a hard time sleeping outside of a crib. If this keeps up, doing things with him in the carrier will make our lives a lot easier…as long as we don’t stop moving that is! We kept giving Curly sips of our fresh-squeezed lemonade, which he loved, as well as plain water from his own straw cup. We spent a lovely 3 hours out before returning home.

On the daycare front, we are still very happy with the ‘new’ place, and as an added bonus, the past two drop-off days have been tear-free. Curly’s new thing is to lunge at Nutella for a hug and cuddle when she puts him down, but then put up a strong front when she gets up to leave. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more tear-filled mornings ahead, but perhaps we’ve turned a corner?

Lucky 13

It’s been a while since we talked specifically about what Curly is up to (besides having started a new daycare and continually fighting off evil germies). Mooching off an idea from somewhere else in internet-land, here’s what Curly is up to in his 13th month:

Mobility- Not walking, but it may be on the horizon soon. He prefers cruising above all, or crawling. He loves climbing on things. Just yesterday, he was playing with a large door-shaped toy, and I spotted him taking at least two unassisted steps around it. Usually he leans on it. When he’s cruising, every so often he’ll let go and stand for a bit. Our daycare providers have also told us they’ve seen him standing here and there. No rush on the walking thing, as we’ve heard it only makes things harder, but we’re banking on him doing it by 15 months if not earlier. He used to hate us taking his hands and leading him around while walking, but all of a sudden he loves it.

Eating- There was a week not long ago when we thought we had entered picky-eater toddler world. Thankfully(?), it turned out to be a stomach bug, and once it passed, he was back to eating like a champ again. There isn’t much he will outright reject except green vegetables. This means we have to resort to tricks like pureeing them in an omelet or mixing them into a sauce or burger. He is all about fruit of any type and has gotten a lot better at eating hard things, like graham crackers and whole apples if we get them started for him with a first bite. He is adept at drinking from his straw cups, and (surprise) prefers juice over milk or water, but we usually water it down. He got a 100% juice box for the first time this weekend and gulped it down almost all at once.

Teeth- He’s got 10 teeth including 2 top molars, and is currently teething again hardcore, so we expect another molar may be surfacing.

Sleep- He continues to be ‘the child who sleeps more than any other child on Earth.’ He sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night, and if he gets his way, 3-4 hours of daytime naps. When we tell people this, they act like we won the jackpot, and while I admit that we did win the jackpot on nighttime sleep, it is very difficult dealing with his constant tiredness during the day. We have to plan our activities around his naps, and since he doesn’t sleep outside, in a stroller or while being worn, this severely limits our time out with him. He gets extremely cranky and upset about wanting sleep. We didn’t think we’d still be dealing with this past 1 year, but here we are.

Play- He is very much into independent play and can usually keep himself occupied for decent periods of time. He still enjoys putting objects inside one another and through holes or spaces. He’s not great about playing with toys that require fine motor skills. He will roll a toy vehicle across the floor and loves to roll balls away from himself and ‘fetch’ them. He’s all about pressing buttons, flipping switches, opening and closing doors, trying to reach doorknobs, and he loves books. He will happily sit and turn the pages of a board book, which is a great activity during a car ride especially.

Communication- He babbles a lot and seems to ‘talk’ with some intention but it’s mostly gibberish to us. Every now and then he’ll say something that makes sense, but it is very inconsistent. I was holding him once, close to another baby, and twice he looked at the other baby and said “bay-ba.” Another time I waved at him and said hi, and he waved back with both hands and said ‘ha!’ back. But these moments are just here and there. He’s finally learned to sign ‘more’ back to us during dinner, but again, it’s not consistent, and he will get frustrated quickly and resort to banging or whining when he doesn’t get what he wants or has to wait for it.

Appearance- His strawberry blonde hair is growing in and we are delighted. It’s very curly in the back and oh so adorable. His eyes are a dark brown-green hazel. He continues to be very long and lean. People often comment on his height.

Other- Separation anxiety continues, with him in tears during every daycare drop-off. He has also started protesting baths in the evening to our dismay. On the plus side, his giggles are contagious and he likes to make us laugh as much as we like to make him laugh. He will play peek-a-boo with us, and acts very happy and proud whenever we mimic whatever he’s doing. He loves when you make funny faces at him or tickle him. We think he’s smart, but very stubborn/willful like a typical Taurus 😉

Many a new day

When Strawberry picks Curly up this afternoon, we will have made it through the first week at the new daycare.  So far, things have gone very well.  Napping is still a work in progress.  Yesterday’s report said he napped from 10-11 in a crib, but then not at all in the afternoon.  So whereas we are used to him waking on his own at about 6pm from his 5pm nap at home, he just kept on sleeping.  We went and got him at 6:30 and he did NOT want to be awake.  When we set him on the floor to play for a minute while we got his dinner warmed up, he lay down, closed his eyes and sucked his thumb.  Quite cute and sad, actually.  Once in his high chair he perked up enough to eat (but not the steamed citrus ginger carrots, the troglodyte!), but was drifting off during his very quick bath and change into pj’s. I talked to his teachers again this morning about some napping strategies, so we’ll see what today’s report looks like.

The hardest part is the newish separation anxiety. Apparently, 13 months is common for it to show up, and boy has it!  We noticed it at home last weekend, and were scared about how it would play out with the new daycare.  Days #1 and #2 it wasn’t that bad.  He was excited about all the new toys and new faces.  But yesterday and today I’ve left him in tears each morning.  He’s not inconsolable, and he is easily comforted by his teachers. I know the best thing is for me to just walk away, but it tugs at my heart in the worst way.  The daycare center occupies most of the ground floor of an office building and the main room has windows all the way up to the ceiling that face the exit sidewalk and parking lot.  This morning as I left, Curly’s eyes tracked me while he cried, all the while sitting in the lap of a teacher.  I’ll be sure not to walk along the windows next week.

But those issues aside, we love it there.  The teachers and the space and the cleanliness and the educational toys and the happy kids and the DAILY REPORT!!  Oh, and Mr. Curly’s butt is rash free and clean as a whistle 🙂

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