30 day photo challenge 2012

Here’s the challenge sponsored by Insert Metaphor and An Offering of Love.  Below are our photos.

day 28: flowers (by Strawberry)

day 28: flowers (by Nutella)

day 27: from a distance (by Strawberry)

day 26: close-up (by Nutella)

day 25: something orange (by Nutella)

day 23: sun (by Strawberry)

day 23: the sun (by Nutella)

day 22: Hands (by Strawberry)

day 21: after dark (by Strawberry)

day 20: trees (by Nutella)

day 20: trees (by Strawberry)

day 19: something yellow (by Nutella)

day 19: something yellow (by Strawberry)

day 18: lines (by Strawberry)

day 18: lines (by Nutella)

day 16: long exposure (by Strawberry)

day 15: silhouette (by Strawberry & Nutella)

day 14: eyes (by Strawberry)

day 13: today’s weather (by Strawberry)

day 12: sunset (by Strawberry)

days 10 & 11: Water & Something Blue (by Nutella)

day 10: Water (by Strawberry)

day 9: Autumn (by Nutella)

day 9: Autumn (by Strawberry)

day 8: morning (by Nutella)

day 6: from a low angle (by Strawberry)

day 5: from a high angle (by Strawberry)

day 4: something green (by Nutella)

day 3: clouds (by Strawberry)

day 1: Self portrait (by Nutella)

day 2: Something that makes you happy (by Nutella)

Both (by Strawberry)

14 responses to “30 day photo challenge 2012

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  2. great pictures!
    now i want a s’more…. 😉

  3. Great shots! Mmmm smores!

  4. Nice pics! i love strawberry used one for both!

  5. Love that you’re both participating!

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  7. That concert photo … jealous over here …

  8. Just getting caught up here. Love the new pictures! The train tracks one is beautiful. I also love the long exposure one – why didn’t I think of that??

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  10. thanks for posting a reminder, if it doesnt show up in my reader, im afraid my memory is no good!! i love the flower and line shots, awesome!!

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