Heigh-ho the glamorous life!

This NaBloPoMo thing is kicking my ass.  I have no time to read and comment, I’m so busy at work it’s insane.  I’m only working 6 days in the month of December and am running a huge event in January.  So all the things that I would normally have to do 30 days before an event have to get done 60 days before this event, in addition to all my ongoing day to day stuff.  And did I mention that my team is down 1 person already and another just announced that she’s leaving?  And she won’t be replaced?  GAH!!

Bullets it is, people:

  • Curly had sort of almost recovered from his latest cold when his standard “I-went-to-the-pediatrician” cold reared it’s ugly head.  When he sneezed tonight while being put into his pj’s I caught the double streams of snot in my hand because there weren’t any tissues or rags nearby.  Motherhood is SO glamorous.
  • Daycare is closed tomorrow for Veteran’s day.  Work is not.  Strawberry is working from home while I go to the office and my mother is coming over to play with Curly until naptime.  We are so lucky to have our parents nearby.
  • We took the plunge and registered for an online babysitter search.  We’re in touch with a few women that sound promising.  If we can get a roster of 2 or 3 reliable sitters we’ll be thrilled.  We might even share their names and numbers with our local parent friends.  I’m looking forward to finding cheap ways to have fun out of the house 🙂
  • Curly is waking earlier than he was before the time change, but it’s doable.  6:40 ish, which is fine on weekdays but I am not going to be happy about it come Saturday.
  • When we picked Curly up at daycare this afternoon his teacher began apologizing profusely.  She’d been writing with a washable green marker and Curly kept trying to grab it, so in jest, she drew a handlebar mustache on his face.  Let’s just say it’s not quite as washable as she’d thought, but it’s practically gone after his bath.  Sorry, no pictures.

12 responses to “Heigh-ho the glamorous life!

  1. Yours is the only daycare I have heard closing for Veteran’s Day! Interesting. Glad you have other options near by. A picture of that handlebar would have been classic!

  2. Oh my god, I cant believe she drew a mustache on him! And I REALLY can’t believe you didn’t take a picture for us! 😦

    nablopomo is kicking my ass too, I can’t keep up!

  3. LOL about the mustache. I wish there was a picture! 🙂

    We need to get a babysitter too.

    Erik is an early to bed, early to rise kind of kid. I’ve gotten so used to getting up early that 6:30 seems like a totally acceptable wake-up time to me now even on weekends. When he sleeps until 7:00 we feel like we’ve really gotten to sleep in! I remember when 10:30 was my normal wake-up time on a weekend. *sigh*

  4. wishinghopingpraying

    Oh my, I think I would have been half mad, half totally amused an dthen snapped a pic 🙂 I hope he sleeps in a bit for you. My girls are still up 30-60 minutes earlier than usual, not kosher, not kosher at all.

  5. (I’m snickering while envisioning Miles with a green handlebar mustache.) 🙂

  6. Jen- Our daycare is associated with the US government, so they get all federal holidays off. We work for the state, so we get those holidays off, too…but they’re ‘banked’ for later use (winter break and spring break…we’re not complaining!)

    Wishing- I was a little peeved, too, but forgiving. I’m sure she learned her lesson!

  7. If I wasn’t such a freak about chemicals, I would have totally loved the mustache. I bet he looked cute 🙂

  8. Wow, catching the double snot-hose in your bare hand is almost as glam as outwitting your miniature poopy picasso! (Remember Chris Oliphante…it could turn into a good thing!) Sorry you don’t have a photo of the moustache. What did Miles think of it??

  9. ohhh no pictures?!?!! I’m gald it has almost washed off…at least it was not a sharpie marker! Ryan has come down with a cold too.. Ahhh, the snotty joys of motherhood.

  10. Wow… how come you didn’t photograph that???

  11. Ha, I think it’s pretty hilarious that your babysitter drew a lovely moustache. I often feel an urge to draw on my students, but I rarely do. I did one time mark my day camp kids with group numbers for a field trip, with a marker that turned out to be not so washable. Ooops.

  12. No pictures??? Maybe she’ll do it again 😉

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