Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Strangers! With Candy!

Curly is officially 18 months today.  Damn it’s going fast!  We had a fantastic weekend, the highlight of which was Trick or Treating last night.  I made his fuzzy little brown bear costume and thank goodness it was big enough to wear a nice warm outfit underneath, since it got chilly after the sun went down.  I scored some hideous velour outfits for Strawberry and myself at a thrift store.  She painted stripes on hers and I made us ears and tails (and a mane for me).  Lion and tiger and bear, oh my! Sorry no picture here of the 3 of us, you’ll have to use your imagination.

Curly caught on to the concept pretty quickly.  At first he kept trying to go into people’s houses when they opened the door!  But when it came to taking a brightly colored crinkly item from a bowl or a stranger’s hand and dropping it into a bag, he excelled.  And the bonus is that he has NO IDEA that the stuff he was given is edible.  So for this year at least, we get the candy.  He will get to eat the few “healthy” snacks we received (pretzels, graham and cheddar bunnies) and the kind person that gave out a little squishy ball with a spooky face has surely won a special place in Curly’s heart.  I think it may have been the same house that gave out “vampire slaying” instructions to the adults, telling you all about the energy sucking electronics in your home.  I love our little hippie town!

Our little bear cub


Shake that bear booty!

Bear in a cage

Mommy tiger and bear cub don’t like the flash!

Trick-or-treating with Ima lion

It was so much fun this year, seeing him get into the magic of it all.  A great improvement over last year, when he couldn’t have cared less and  just wanted to go home and go to sleep.  And we know that it will only get better next year!