Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Point and Click

We know it can be difficult to keep up with the NaBloPoMo posts, so we’ll just do a quickie picture post this time….only these pictures will be outtakes and funnier shots instead of typical ones…

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Rise n’ shine

Damn, missed posting yesterday, but we’ll try to get you 2 today to make up for it.

Curly is a kid that loves to sleep, as we’ve mentioned many a time.  He typically goes to bed around 7 pm and sleeps through until 6:30 or 7 the next morning.  With the approach of the end of Daylight Savings Time in the US, we wanted to try and avoid this becoming the need to get to bed at 6pm and waking up at 6am.  So about 2 weeks ago we started pushing Curly’s bedtime later and later.  Most of this week he was going down between 7:30 and 8 and waking between 7 and 7:30am. We adjusted our commute/ daycare drop off to 15-30 minutes later.

Unfortunately, he’s a “poop first thing” guy.  6 out of 7 mornings there’s a poop in his overnight diaper.  So when he starts making noise, we HAVE to get him.  Nothing we do seems to change the morning poop.  We’ve tried shifting the types of food he gets at certain times of day.  Giving him his iron drops as late as possible in the day to try and constipate him (he still poops at least a couple times during the day).  But nothing has changed.  We’re resigned to it now.

Last night was the big test.  We put Curly to bed at 7:30 and this morning he started making noise when the unadjusted clock read 7:30.  Which is now 6:30 am.  And sure enough, he had a huge poop. It’s going to be very challenging adjusting his nap and bedtime tonight.  The plan is to put him down at 7 and see if he can sleep til 7am tomorrow.  We wish you all luck with the change, too!