Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

The turtle says SNAP!

We’re season pass holders to our zoo (the zoo actually doesn’t cost money, but parking does) and we’ve been taking Curly there since he was 4 months old. Of course, he didn’t really start enjoying it until closer to one year, but it’s something fun to do. Now when we bring him, he loves walking around and watching the animals…well, the ones that are moving anyway. He’s still too little to notice or care about the ones that are staying still. It’s a beautiful and warm November day, so we went to the zoo with some friends this morning. It was worth the trip alone just to see one of the keepers cleaning out a giant iguana’s room, and stopping to pet him/her on its head every now and then. The iguana was just like a dog, closing its eyes in ecstacy when she pet it and shaking its head for more when she stopped. Curly was just as entranced watching the scene as we were which was nice because I hate missing things like that to deal with a cranky McCrankerson.

Here are a couple other shots from this morning.

He'd rather child-watch then pig-watch

The alpaca says...?!??

Um, fun caption anyone? Sheesh!