4 am, can’t sleep

Haven’t had one of these in awhile so I figure I might as well knock out one of the NoBloPoMoHoMo things…

Curly is really bored of our house after his day at home.  Strawberry took out every toy we own in rotation all day, he spent an hour at the playground with my mom, and had a friend stop by for 30 min.  By 5 pm when I got home she was ready for a break.  I did the after dinner and bedtime routine while she went out for a much needed shopping/St@rbucks outing.

She went to the dollar store for assorted small toys and flotsam.  The thinking is we’ll put together some grab bags for the cruise to keep him occupied during dinner.  Many people had suggested that we invest in a portable DVD player and kid vids, but I’m not sure how well that will work.  He’s not really into sitting still and watching TV.  Although he did sit on the couch with me for 15 minutes tonight enjoying a snacktrap of cheerios while watching Meerkat Manor.  🙂 Sh, don’t tell Strawberry!

9 responses to “4 am, can’t sleep

  1. Ugh, we should have chatted…I was up then too.

    We’re taking the portable DVD player on the plane tomorrow, with no idea of how it will work. With it…Shrek, a Baby Einstein….and classic Olivia Newton John videos. 🙂

  2. Your cruise is next month, right? Are you guys counting down the days??

  3. Yes! Counting down the days!

    Toys and things I purchased at the dollar store: sparkly spinning ‘tops’, laminated skateboard-looking bookmarks, plastic bracelets, foam shapes, silly putty, jingle bells, clackers (things you roll back and forth in your palm and the little balls hit the drum), toy airplanes and a couple other things I can’t remember. I hope they keep him busy in the stateroom and at dinner!

  4. Oh, and A., now I’ve got ‘Let’s Get Physical’ in my head, thanks.

  5. wishinghopingpraying

    Sorry about your lack of sleep, that is the worst. It sounds like you picked up some great stuff to amuse him on the cruise. He’ll have a blast!

  6. The grab bags to entertain dinner are a wonderful idea.

    He’s probably still too young to really be interested in TV. Erik didn’t pay attention to it until he was closer to two, even though we desperately wanted him to watch tv just for 10 minutes! LOL. Ian is the same, no interest in TV at all so far (15 months old.)

  7. The grab bags are a great idea!

    Lucas will still watch the Baby Einstein videos for most of one, but only if we’re not right in the room– (folding laundry, usually!) if we are, he won’t stand for that!

  8. 4am. eek.

    Those grab bags sound like a good idea. We’re going on a cruise in 2 weeks. We should put somethign similar together for Ryan to have new & interesting things to discover. The DVD player was suggested to us too, but we don’t he really don’t sit and watch tv –which is totally fine because we really don’t want him to.

    Have fun on your cruise! Where are you guys going?!

  9. We just took a trip that involved a long flight and out of all the toys we brought, the sticker book was the biggest hit. The book was geared for older children, but the bean didn’t care-she just liked playing with the stickers. Good luck on the cruise-the grab bags sound like a great idea.

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