Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

Gobbledy good

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, here’s a bullety post of joyous things that have happened lately…

  • Curly’s communication is getting better and better. He is picking up signs quicker, and although he doesn’t have all that many, he’s got some really helpful ones and can sign 3 word phrases with some prompting (like Want More Please)
  • He’s repeating more words and has recently picked up Hi, Waffle, Bubble, Out, and of course, No. We’re sure he says more words that we just don’t understand yet because he’ll have conversations with us that still sound like babbling, but with much intent.
  • He does not like us to leave daycare without hugging and/or kissing him goodbye. It’s the sweetest thing ever. He will look at us with puppy-dog eyes, say ‘Mama’ and lean in for a kiss and squeeze before going back to playing.
  • He’s finally gotten good at pointing, waving and knows some body parts (specifically Head, Hair, Nose, Ears, Belly, Feet, Hands) It’s taken him longer to get to this place, but he has. Now we have to keep working on animals and their sounds.
  • He is so, so good with taking medicine, when we give him eye drops (for the pink eye, which is almost all better), when we brush his teeth, and when we clean his ears. He had hit a short phase where he was hating the tooth brushing, but now he just sits and lets us do it. We thought he was going to hate the eye drops, but he’s been great. And as long as we keep him distracted, he’s good about fingernail clipping (not so good about toenail clipping though- he must have sensitive feet!)
  • Though he sometimes shows a preference for one of us, we both feel equally loved and wanted by him. When one of us leaves him, and it doesn’t matter who, he gets concerned and waits for Mama to come back or tries to find her.

I know I often write about how difficult parenting is, but I also know that we have one wonderful little boy on our hands and we both love him with all our hearts.