Suppertime used to be easier than this. Curly used to try everything and eat most if not all that was on his tray (and sometimes ask for more). He was happy to eat what we were eating. But, things have changed (as toddlers do). Now suppertime is a bit of a challenge and it seems we are constantly having to change things in order to… appease him. Ever since his pediatrician appt when we learned that he hadn’t gained weight in two months (oh noez!), we decided that we couldn’t keep offering him only what we were eating if he didn’t want it.

For instance, Nutella would make a delicious beef stew with carrots and potatoes, served with a side of multigrain bread to sop up the leftover liquid. In the past, this would be a huge hit- Curly would eat the chunks of beef and potatoes, the carrots could be a hit or miss, and he always loves his carbs. More recently he didn’t want any of it, except for the bread. Bread and a yogurt smoothie…eh, not such a good dinner. So we started giving him a stick of cheese with every dinner (has not yet been rejected) and something else so that if he didn’t want what we were eating, at least he would eat SOMEthing.

Two nights ago Nutella (our wonderful chef) put together a Thanksgiving-esque meal of turkey breast, pear stuffing and cranberry (ok, so the cranberry was from a can, but I love that stuff). We thought Curly would LURVE it. He didn’t even want to TRY it and acted extremely put upon that we would even suggest he do so. So Nutella and I ate our meal while Curly had a tantrum. And let me tell you how nice it is to come home from a long day at work only to have your child scream at you during dinner. Finally, Nutella practically begged him to try just one piece of turkey, and after he did he ate a few more pieces and then signed “Done.” Sigh.

And last night (leftovers)….he ate all his turkey, asked for more, and then DEMANDED CRANBERRY. And even before he was finished eating it, would sign MORE cranberry, MORE MORE MORE! After two more helpings, it was starting to look like he would eat the entire can of cranberry and we had to put a stop to it. We apologized to him, moved it out of sight, and continued eating. Commence tantrum.

I know this is most likely a phase…part of the Terrible Twos…but boy is it tedious.

17 responses to “Sup-Sup-Suppertime

  1. Seriously. Get out of my head. S. and I were just having this conversation last night. After inhaling butternut squash that I’d made on Sunday, Owen literally took it out of his mouth last night and threw it on the floor.

    Here’s to cheese dinners for all!

  2. Sounds like he’s just asserting his independence. I remember worrying about Oscar at around this age for the same reason. My pediatrician told me that one tablespoon of peanut butter and one slice of whole wheat bread constituted nearly all of the protein and 2/3 of the whole grains required by a 2 y.o. in one day. That’s next to nothing! He also told me that as long as Oscar was eating at least one good meal a day (for Oscar, this was lunch), then he’d be fine and that if I was concerned I should give him a multivitimin. Many nights I just give the boys a cheese, fruit and bread plate for dinner. Very French!

  3. wishinghopingpraying

    I am right there with ya! PBS is fully into that ugly stage and changes her mind about whether she likes somehting halfway through a meal. Super fun! Cheese is our friend too. Hang in there, this too shall pass, but not soon enough 🙂

  4. oh yeah – same stuff going on here. super frustrating indeed. it HAS to be a phase!

  5. same here too!! how fun(!)

  6. We haven’t hit this phase yet, but oh joy, something to look forward to! Chunk has his moments though… Last night at dinner he would eat some peas, then push him back out of his mouth with his tongue and scrape his tongue with his fingers. Awesome.

  7. I’m still hoping it’s a phase. Erik used to be an awesome eater too. He would eat *anything* and it’s funny you mentioned beef stew because as a baby/toddler that was his *favourite* thing. Now he won’t even touch it. Over time he has gotten more and more picky. At least he’s a bit older and we can reason with him. We always tell him that just because we don’t have his FAVOURITE meal EVERY DAY doesn’t mean he doesn’t like what I’ve made. It just means it’s not his favourite food. And like Miles, if we can get him to try it, he almost always likes it. It’s very frustrating when you make a meal that you’re *sure* he’s going to like and he turns his nose up at it.

    Erik still eats well at breakfast and lunch most of the time, so I try not to worry too much about dinner.

  8. Oh, good luck with this! I hope you don’t have too many scream filled evenings before it this phase is over. Kids are so fickle!

  9. reproducinggenius

    We have yogurt dinners on these nights. Lots and lots of plain yogurt (because lightening may strike if we dare to put anything like, say, pears in it!). Yeah, this is our house a lot lately too, and one night he’ll despise something and the next want that and more. It’s hard, but thank the gods for cheese and yogurt lest our kids starve! Hang in there ladies; I have evidence that it gets better.

  10. Yup. 🙂

    E lost three ounces between his 15 and 18 month visits. I was worried about it; his pediatrician wasn’t. She showed me how his growth is supposed to slow way down at this point. If he stays on his current growth curve, he is only supposed to gain a total of 6 more pounds before his third birthday. When I thought about it that way, the plateau seemed a lot less scary.

    The frustration of having the dinner you prepared (and he loved the night before) handed to the dog one piece at a time? No growth curve explanation can take the heat out of that. 😉

  11. This made me smile, though I’m sure it’s frustrating in practice/person. As always your posts make me wonder, what’s in store for us? 🙂 But seriously, good luck with this, and based on the last photos Mr. Miles is SO cute and healthy and clearly getting all the nutrition a boy needs.

  12. This sounds like so much fun….and it’s only 6 months away! eek!

  13. It’s tough! Our duo is an ever changing roller coaster ride- one night they love something, the next they won’t even touch it. I have given in and figure I will just keep offering the best options we can. We keep having the debate about how many/or if we offer alternatives or if we just go with the old theory – they’ll eat when they are hungry. Any thoughts?

  14. Yep, we keep having that same debate, too. And so we decided to just always give him a stick of cheese and one other thing he’ll eat, but there’s still the question of when…do we give it to him with what we’re eating all at once, or do we wait for him to reject what we’re eating first? We’ve done both and don’t know which is better.

  15. you took the words out of my mouth. we always joke “what will daniel surprise us with tonight?” he will eat carbs all day long but put a veggie or protein on his plate and it’s a different story.

  16. I love that cranberry, too… especially when the can rings are in tact…

  17. Something to look forward to – yay! 😉

    Canned cranberry is a uilty pleasure of mine too. I wonder what 2/3 of a can of it does for Miles’ poop? Hee hee, can’t be good!

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