Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

Babysitter- check!

About 2 weeks ago, we joined C@re.com and posted a babysitting job mainly for Saturday nights after Curly goes to sleep. Totally easy gig, and we got a ton of responses. Some were good, some I could hardly understand, and some were applying for what seemed like a full-time nanny job. We weeded through them and came up with the top 2 or 3. Yesterday we interviewed the first, and she was perfect. Lives 15 minutes away, working on her Masters in social work, has babysat her whole life, including children with special needs, is CPR and first aid certified, gay-friendly etc. Curly and our dog both took to her and we felt really comfortable. We’ve already booked her for this Saturday and one in December. We’re interviewing one more sitter on Wednesday as ‘back-up’ and she, too, sounds lovely.

It feels so nice to have the security of a babysitter now. Up until this point, we’ve relied on friends and our parents. With friends, we don’t want to stay out past a couple hours because they’re doing the sitting for free. Plus it kind of feels a little weird to not be able to hang out with those friends all the time, but then call them up to ask them to babysit…like we’re using them. With our parents, they like to ‘babysit’ Curly when they can hang out with him. To have them come over while he’s sleeping feels mean. So a paid, trustworthy babysitter is a relief to have. Of course, it’s an extra expense so we’ll have to see how it effects our overall budget after a few times.

We are so looking forward to Saturday nights out together and with friends. It’s been much too long since we’ve seen a play or a movie, had a leisurely meal or whatever. I’m just surprised we waited this long to do this!