33w 3d

We are currently the proud parents of….a beach ball.

The weather is gorgeous outside, so we ventured out into the city today. The belly is big. The belly makes Nutella, and hence me who is attached to Nutella’s hand, very slow. The belly makes Nutella’s legs and feet swollen. The belly makes Nutella hot. In short, we had lunch outside and then walked around, but the pace and energy were very different from what they used to be. When we got back to the car, Nutella was extremely relieved and fell fast asleep on the drive home.

We both anticipate Cupcake being on the other side of the belly soon. Until we get to that point, things will continue to be heavy, slow and hot, and patience is the name of the game.

7 responses to “33w 3d

  1. That is a great looking beach ball! Much nicer thab the ones I had as a child.

    How sweet, the image of you two on your outing and Nutella asleep in the car.

  2. Next in Line

    I am very excited about Cupcake coming. He has been in the oven a long time now.

  3. What a lovely beach ball.. you two must be so proud 🙂 I can’t wait to see the little one!

  4. You know…the best cure for feeling hot is to eat ice cream! Stay cool!

  5. what a gorgeous belly!

  6. looking good! hang in there, cupcake’s arrival will be here before you know it!! and then you’ll have to go slow and be patient for other reasons ; )

  7. OhI hear you. I’m struggling with the fact that I need to slow it down a little.

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