Daily Archives: March 18, 2009

Mandatory department meeting

Those are never words that someone wants to hear in this economy.  But that’s what the meeting invite said this morning.  Scheduled during lunch, to boot!  I made sure to heat my lunch early and bring it to my desk so I wouldn’t be hungry.  And then, my phone rang.  It was my coworker saying “I hear you’re eating lunch at your desk.  You should stop, because you should come to the meeting hungry.”  And THAT’S when I started to get suspicious.  Sure enough, I make my way up to the conference room at 12 and my coworkers have set up lunch and a baby shower!

I admit, I was totally surprised until that phone call.  I had been expecting them to take me out to lunch at the most.  But I was delighted and touched by their generosity and sneakiness.  Cupcake has quite a new stash of cute little clothes, many of them along the frog theme.  A coworker out in UT sent in a hand crocheted blanket,  and my boss (also in UT) sent 2 adorable little outfits.  We played a silly word scramble game and I had to wear a shiny silver sash that read “Mommy to be”.

So now I’m sitting here at my desk, basking in the afterglow of  indian food and a small cup of coke and feeling very appreciated and cared for.