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Due date, take deux

Yeah, did you notice that Strawberry changed all our tickers to make today our due date?  It makes us feel better since today would be the due date based on conception.

Yesterday’s midwife appointment included another cervical check and a vigorous stretch and sweep, which is about as much fun as it sounds.  It did however bring on some cramping and some bloody show through the evening and night.  Actual sleep is a thing of distant memory for me and I suspect it will be many more months until I rediscover it.

Everything checked out fine, urine, weight, BP, heartbeat, fundal height (40 weeks).  The cervical check revealed that I am 3.5 cm dilated but the midwife could easily stretch me to 5 cm.  She was feeling the top of Cupcake’s head as he wiggled it against her fingers.  She could actually feel his fontanels!  We were sent on our way with a referral for the back-up OB to get a bio-physical profile on Friday, but also with well wishes that we would go into labor before then.  We certainly hope so!

The problem with dates

40 weeks, 4 days…still pregnant.

40 Weeks

40 Weeks

Cupcake is apparently too comfortable in there and no matter what we do, active labor proves elusive.

In hindsight, we never would have told people the actual due date, but a week later instead. And I also think it should be a “due window” and not a “due date.” But we are stuck now regardless, even though we waved hello and goodbye to good ol’ April 22 days ago.

The thing is, based on date of conception, Cupcake’s due date isn’t until April 29. But they say ultrasound-based due dates are more accurate, and since the little bugger was growing so quickly at first, the due date became April 22.

As each day passes, we’ve been doing some thinking:

  • If he’s as late as that little blue ticker on the right said first babies are on average (8 days), we’ve only got 4 days to go.
  • If he’s as late as his non-gestational mommy was (12 days, my poor mother), we’ve got 8 days to go.
  • If he’s as late as the midwives/doctor will let us go (14 days), at the worst, we’ve got 10 days to go.
  • Based on conception date, he’s not even due for another 3-4 days.

What all of this comes down to basically means nothing. We keep waiting and each day feels like an eternity. But we remain grateful that at this point, all we are waiting for is him to make his entrance out into the world. And until then, we wait, and walk and dream.

Walkign among the tulips

Waddling among the tulips

Don’t call us, we’ll call you

40 weeks 2 days, still pregnant.

Public Service Announcement:  Asking where the baby is does not do any of the following:

  • make him get here sooner
  • make his moms feel any better

There has been an astonishing amount of “checking in” going on.  Relatives dropping emails and phone calls.  Friends posting on facebook.  Text messages.  Random coworkers calling, emailing, or stopping by our desks to check in.  It’s not helping.  I mean, do people honestly think we will forget to tell them when he arrives?  If that is indeed the case, let me reassure everyone out there that there is a draft post in the queue of this blog waiting for details, a draft email at both of our work places, a draft email in our personal email account, and even a draft birth announcement on a photo printing site.  Address labels and return address labels for the birth announcements are printed and stamps are in our possession.  We love you all, but please just wait for us to let you know.

Disclaimer: This PSA is not directed at anyone in particular.  We truly appreciate everyone’s support, especially our fellow bloggers.  Any resemblance to any person living or dead is mere coincidence.

Over the Hill

The due date has come and gone and we are officially on the other side of 40 now. We are sure Nutella’s body continues to make more progress, however, things are slow and steady and have not yet crossed over into active labor. We highly anticipate that moment. Until then, the wait is at times excruciating because…well, aren’t they all when you’re waiting on something important?

We’ve been continuing to take walks and do some of the fun and not-so-fun ways of trying to induce labor, but basically it’s gonna happen when it happens. This weekend marks the 6 year anniversary of the day we met/our first date, so it would be nice if it coincided with Cupcake’s birth.

I had a serious chat with the little boy last night, letting him know just how much he is loved and wanted, how we ache to meet him and how many wonderful things there are to see and do out here. He responded by wiggling his butt back and forth, and moving various body parts (arms, legs) outwards (good boy, but the exit is DOWN). We know he is still doing well in there but hope he will be able to bask in the glorious heat wave that is coming to our area over the next few days.

Due date eve

So it’s due date eve and we actually have news! Today’s midwife appointment included a cervical check, something we had previously understood they only did when you showed up in labor. I’m not sure if it was because I’m hours away from my due date or because the midwife took pity on us, but in any case, she did one. And lo and behold, I am 3 cm dialated and 80% effaced! I can’t say that the check itself was all that comfortable, but nothing jarring or harsh, just pressure. She said that as she was checking it, it was “melting away” which is another sign that things are progressing. Cupcake’s head was right on my cervix and he was moving it around as she was there.

Strawberry and I are much encouraged by this news. It is reassuring to hear that all the discomfort that I’ve been feeling is amounting to something. Last night was particularly bad, with very broken sleep and a few episodes of cramping and painful contractions. Nothing regular or timable, so still technically “pre-labor”.

Everything else checked out fine at the midwife too. My BP is back to normal, very minimal swelling in my feet and ankles, fundal height, urine, heartbeat, all right on target. We have an appointment for next Tuesday, but we really, really hope that we’ll be there to give birth before then.

Well that’s just swell

To our dismay, it looks like Cupcake is too darn comfortable and not in any hurry to leave. And so we continue to wait. We’ve tried at least 5 or 6 labor-inducing “tricks” to no avail. One of those things is walking. Since this weekend was so beautiful, we took a long walk and then had a picnic lakeside at the park. When we arrived home, Nutella’s ankles and feet were swollen like balloons, and her fingers were also joining in the fun. Concerned, we went to our grocery store which has one of those do-it-yourself-blood-pressure machines. Nutella’s blood pressure (top number only) was elevated about 20 points above what it normally is. Small panic ensued.

We decided to put her on bedrest the rest of the weekend. There was much foot-elevation and laying on her left side. At the suggestion of a friend who dealt with the same situation, and after some research, she began drinking nettle tea to reduce the swelling. After a few cups of the rotton grass tasting tea and several hours of bedrest and massaging the swollenness, the swelling began to go down. We took her blood pressure again the next day and it was 10 points lower. Since it had been borderline the first time we took it, we decided not to contact the midwife since it was now returning to normal. Yesterday and today there is hardly any swelling at all, even after taking another walk last night.

We have a midwife appointment today. We were so hoping we wouldn’t make it to this one. Cupcake, darling, tomorrow is your due date. Don’t you want to meet your mommies?


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Paint me a picture

We got the professional photography pictures back, but since they include our faces, we’re putting them into the next post (password protected). The password is those 3 capital letters that spell out the online forum most of you are already quite familiar with. If you don’t know, just comment and we’ll e-mail you back with the password.

Watched pot

6 days until the due date.  No real changes.  Still having lots of baby movement, lots of braxton-hicks contractions, and a few of them are crampy or painful.  Still sleeping like crap.  I wake up every 1.5-2 hours to pee or change position.  Nothing is comfortable.  I’m waddling for real and my walk is very slow.  Feet, ankles and lower legs are swollen, but not enough to be of concern.  Weekly midwife appointment was uneventful.  Urine, weight, BP, fetal heartbeat all normal. 

We had our favorite midwife again and she told us that she’d had a dream that I had gone into labor over the past weekend.  And then she got a call to come into the birth center on Sunday to attend a birth for another woman that shares my first name!  We told her that we hope her premonition was just off by a week and that we could be the ones in labor this Sunday.  We also discussed what happens if I make it to 41 weeks.  If I still haven’t gone into labor on my own by my appointment on 4/28 (which is 40 weeks 6 days), then they will schedule me for a bio-physical profile with their back up OB for the next day.  This will include a non-stress test to count contractions and fetal movement and also an ultrasound to confirm amniotic fluid levels.  If everything looks good then I get another week to wait for labor to begin on its own.

She also talked to us about their methodology for induction, if needed.  Their first intervention of choice is Pr*pidil, a prostoglandin gel to ripen the cervix.  However, the use of the gel is contraindicated in women with a history of asthma.  I had very severe asthma as a child, but it’s now exercise or allergy-induced only.  I haven’t had to use a rescue inhaler in several years.  She didn’t give a final verdict on whether or not I’d qualify to receive it, but I’m hoping it never becomes an issue.  Their 2nd intervention would be Pit*cin.  It is my understanding that the need for either intervention would require giving birth in the hospital.

I am feeling very worn down and impatient.  I’m sure the dreary, rainy weather we’ve had for the past few days hasn’t helped.  But, the sun is out and it’s warm today and this weekend looks to be beautiful as well.  Come on Cupcake, don’t you want to come out and see how lovely everything is?

Day by day by day

This waiting is…interesting. The Braxton-Hicks are very often, the baby has dropped and we know the body is gearing up for the next big thing. I began packing the birth center bag, although there are some items that will be last-minute. Car seat installation is tomorrow morning. We’re both feeling rather restless, although in Nutella’s case, it’s quite literal as sleep continues to be an elusive thing. The days seem to slowly drag on as we await in antici…PATION.

Still haven’t gotten the rest of the pictures from our photographer friend. In the mean time, here’s a little teaser:

Spring has sprung