Daily Archives: March 24, 2009

Drop your pants, make the Cupcake dance

I’ve got Braxton-Hicks for real and Cupcake does NOT like them. As Strawberry & I sat watching tv last night, we stared as my whole belly got hard and Cupcake would dramatically move to one side or the other in response. It’s nice to know my body is doing what it’s supposed to, right on schedule. It’s not painful, but not too pleasant and highly distracting. I appreciate that it means we’re getting closer to the end.

Midwife appointment today was lovely. We had the young, perky midwife again and she graciously agreed to fill out the health profiles for the second-parent adoption for both Strawberry and myself. I was sure she’d fill mine out, but we weren’t so sure about Strawberry’s. I think we were lucky to have seen her today, because she seems very gay-friendly and had no problem helping us out in any way she could.

We asked her about taking evening primose supplements and she seemed pleased that we has asked because it was on her list of things to bring up today, at the 36 week appt. Basically, I am to take 1,000mg either orally or up the hoo-ha from now until birth. It helps soften the cervix and prepare the body for labor. We picked up a bottle of pills on the way home and I was a bit daunted by how large they are, but they’re very slippery and easy to swallow so no worries.  I’ll probably stick with taking them orally until at least my due date.

Last thing on the agenda for today’s appointment was my Group B Strep test which involved a front-and-back swab culture. Fun times! This was my first “pants down” appt since my 10 week appt with the OB. Luckily, the midwives have expressed to us that they are not fond of doing cervical checks unless requested or during labor.

Up next: birth class, prenatal yoga, and our final shower and pregnancy photo shoot with a professional photographer friend this weekend.