Rolling along

Tuesday’s midwife appointment was totally uneventful, which is terrific. We met with a different midwife this time and she’s fantastic. Very warm and caring, but focused and quite knowledgeable. She answered all of our questions in detail and treated us like informed individuals. And she never batted an eye when I introduced Strawberry as my wife and included her fully in the appointment. Couldn’t ask for better, really. I think we are both hoping she’s in attendance for our birth.

Last night’s Bradley class was mercifully devoid of any big slip-ups. We did, however get very detailed information in the form of a video and workbook pages about the stages of labor. Now, being the motivated and educated people that we are, we have already done a fair amount of reading and research on our own into this subject. But this video was FAR more detailed and graphic than anything we’d read or seen before. It uses computer animation to show what’s happening internally and it’s very well done. And we saw a placenta being birthed. I admit that was a bit of a shock to me, it’s huge and bloody. I’d seen illustrations and photographs before, but it was still a surprise.

In addition to the info from the book and video, the instructor shared personal observations from her work as a doula and from her experiences as a mother of 2. And then we did more relaxation and guided meditation stuff. I found it to be quite an excellent class.

OK, one tiny funny anecdote. The Bradley class is held in the instructor’s home and her husband and sons are usually home during class. So far, they’ve left us and her alone while we are “in session” but last night her eldest (9 years old) interrupted meekly to ask if she would come upstairs and cuddle him when class was over. It was very sweet!

5 responses to “Rolling along

  1. oh my god thats a cute story! how sweet that he still wants a cuddle at 9 years old! 😀

  2. very cute that a 9 year old want to cuddle with you!!!

    we did the bradley book in our natural birth class as well. it’s got some good stuff in it, but the best advice i’d give you (not that you asked for it though) is to try to ignore labour for as long as possible….that, and never let the supportive people out of your sight. don’t forget to tell yourself that you CAN and will do this, and during labour, you ARE doing it! Can’t wait to hear more. You’re getting SO close now!

  3. No news is good news! You have a really amazing support team and I know birth of you will be just fine when the time comes.

    How sweet is that little boy? Just think, in 9 years you will have a sweet little half grown secret cuddler as well.

  4. Sorry, typo, i meant both, not birth.

  5. That’s great you two enjoyed your class. I am a little freaked out about the placenta also :]

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