B is for booty (and not the kind you put on feet!)

Our “friend and neighbor” baby shower was held yesterday and what a beautiful day it was! The hostesses carefully read the weekend weather report and in anticipation of the gorgeous 70 degree temps they cleaned off their back deck and patio furniture and held the party outside. It could not have been more lovely! All around the house and deck were small items bearing labels that stated “B is for (item name)”. There were blocks, books, bottles, babies, balls, baked goods, balloons, you get the idea. There was even a label for me to wear.

B is for belly

B is for belly

Silly games were played, delicious food was enjoyed (mmm, dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, thanks neighbors!) and generous gifts were received. Cupcake got a bunch of items off of the registry and several beautiful handmade gifts including 2 adorable frog hats (one crochet, one knit), a frog themed play quilt, and some frog and cupcake themed flannel burp cloths. All in all, a lovely way to spend a warm early Spring afternoon. Here’s a quick look at our “booty”.



Next up: interviewing a possible pediatrician practice on Wednesday afternoon.

7 responses to “B is for booty (and not the kind you put on feet!)

  1. Awwwww.. so sweet! Look at all those wonderful presents!! i can’t believe how quickly time has gone!!

  2. looks like quite a booty haul! those handmade hats are TOO cute!

    love the belly shot! 😀

  3. Looks like a wonderful day. I love the theme idea!

  4. reproducinggenius

    That is the cutest theme, and it sounds like it was just a lovely shower. It won’t be long now at all!

  5. Sounds like a lovely shower! I love all the handmade gifts. Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift :]

  6. What a wonderful shower. That is a great idea for a shower theme.

  7. Your shower sounds wonderful – and such a cute theme! Very creative. Looks like you got some fun baby stuff too! 🙂

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