Daily Archives: March 17, 2009

Gee, diapers!

We’re extra happy today because our dresser was delivered (it took about 6-7 weeks). Now Cupcake will have a nice changing area and we can organize the nur.sery. I did a big “baby” laundry yesterday and put all the onesies and things in the new dresser today. The “nur.sery formerly known as a mess” is now turning into a regular nur.sery with less piles o’ stuff laying around. Until our next shower anyway. We are seriously short on storage space and the little guy isn’t even here yet.

As for diapers, we have a good start on things. We have some packages of 7th Generation disposables for the first couple weeks…until the umbilical cord falls off. Then we’re switching to gDiapers. We have several “gpants” and disposable liners in our possession and hope to increase¬†our supply¬†by the time of Cupcake’s birth.

Leaving for our 1-day-short-of-35-weeks midwife appointment in just a bit. We hope to share some nur.sery pictures soon, now that we have all of the necessary furniture.