Daily Archives: March 26, 2009

Get into position

We had a really good Bradley class last night. It was the kind of “hands-on” class we’d been waiting for. After watching a video on postpartum health and care and then reviewing an article in our workbooks about techniques to better handle labor, the instructor went around the room and placed 6 cards out, each displaying a different laboring position. She then had each of the 3 couples try out every position as she narrated the beginning, peak, and end of a contraction.

The positions included: squatting, sitting on a birth ball, side-lying, stand-swaying, sitting on a chair or toilet, and leaning on hands & knees against a birth ball or sofa. The cool thing was that each of us couples represented a different size dynamic, with myself being smaller than my partner, the Korean couple being of similar stature, and the last couple having a male partner much bigger than the female. The instructor went around the room giving each couple attention and pointers, and offering alternatives if needed, based on their size ratio. We found the squatting position, with me sitting on a chair and Nutella squatting between my legs, using my knees as support, to be a great pose. We also liked stand-swaying and Nutella straddling a chair as I leaned behind her with my elbows massaging her shoulders. Those positions seem to hold the most longevity and comfort for the both of us.

We were originally supposed to have 2 more classes, but the instructor thinks we’ll be able to fit the rest of the material into 1. That seemed fine by everyone…it’ll have been a full 9 weeks worth. Then we are to keep in touch via e-mail and send out birth announcements. Everyone’s looking to us first, since we have the closest due date. I hope everything goes as planned!

Finally, we were able to use last night as another teaching opportunity, when we shared how we had gotten pregnant with the others. That information followed when the instructor asked how many kids we were having (one). They were fascinated. The more people we can educate, the better. I’m really pleased with how it seems the lesbian couple in the class either started off as not a big deal to some, or ended up as not a big deal to the rest. One step at a time.