It’s a drag

Based on his hands and knees rocking, we were sure that Curly would be crawling around 6 months.  Well, he’s not there yet, but he can get where he wants to, if he’s determined.  See evidence below.

Teeth are still not visible, but the poor guy has been miserable the past 2 days.  He whimpers like a tiny puppy and can’t seem to focus for more than a few seconds on any toy.  He’s still eating and sleeping well (knock wood) and can be distracted easily, but as soon as he loses interest in the distraction, he’s back to the whimpering.  We’ve been dosing him with tylen.ol and teething tablets and letting him gum cold things and nubby things.  We’ve thus far avoided dosing him with rum, whiskey, bourbon or any other alcoholic substance, as suggested by some friends.  We hope those chompers break through soon and Curly feels more like himself.

13 responses to “It’s a drag

  1. he gets around all right!

  2. So cute! His arms must be so strong from the way he’s pushing himself around.

  3. Look at him go! That’s awesome!

  4. oh my! he is soooo close! i hope his teething situation resolves soon

  5. He is sooo close, maya did the BULLDOZER where she did the same thing but legs up and head down! One day we looked up and it just clicked in her mind. Teeth can be tough but once they break through they get relief!

  6. That video is precious! He is so, so close!! Before you know it, he will be cruising around 🙂 Fingers crossed that his teeth make an appearance soon!

  7. He is so unbelievably close!! What a cutie.

  8. Oh my, that is the cutest thing ever!! I hope those darn teeth pop through soon and he gets some relief, poor little guy.

  9. so so so so cute!!! We have zero interest in crawling over here. I try and entice him with a toy out of reach and he just gets all zen and has this thought bubble that seems to read, “If I am meant to have the toy the tow will come to me.” heh

    SO hear you on the teething pain- it is so hard to not be able to help! I will say that I have noticed a HUGE difference in pain management when I was able to switch W on to motrin. Tylenol would work eventually- but sometimes it could be a full hour between a dose and when he seemed to relax. Motrin works for W in under 20 minutes.

  10. Ingenius! He’s really motoring. I think the slim Jims get it early on (though Cali’s comment perhaps disproves my theory, as W is a slender tot). Our chunky monkey is nowhere near as mobile in that way yet, at nearly 8 mths. He can cover some ground rolling though! I bet you’re excited to see him getting around, but dreading it too in some ways?

  11. I love how he puts his head down after you move it FAR away! Like he’s preparing for battle!

  12. He is just sooo close to crawling!!! He just has to get those little knees up! However, he does look like he has that whole method down pat.

  13. Wow! Look at him go. He has almost gotten it.

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