Daily Archives: November 5, 2009

Sweet dreams be yours dear

Reducing my supply has gone more easily than I had anticipated.  I still breastfeed Curly first thing every morning.  But since Sunday (5 days) I have gone as long as was comfortable before either pumping or hand expressing.  As the “demand” has dropped so has my “supply.” Here’s detail of how it’s gone:

  • Sunday: breastfeed 8am, pump 6pm, hand express 10pm
  • Monday: breastfeed 7am, hand express 6pm, hand express 10pm
  • Tuesday: breastfeed 7am, hand express 9pm
  • Wednesday: breastfeed 7am
  • Thursday: breastfeed 7am

I feel full when I wake up  but the rest of the time I’m fine.  For now, Curly is still breastfeeding well first thing in the morning, and I’ll keep it up for as long as that’s the case.

Strawberry’s mom stayed over on Tuesday night, so once Curly went to bed we had the opportunity for a midweek date night.  Our exciting date location… the mall.  We induldged in some Godiva truffles and bought Curly the most perfect (and appropriate for him) onesie ever.  It was $2 on the sale rack at B@by G@p.

In other exciting news, we are looking forward to a meet up with the lovely Love+Love=Marriage family on Saturday.  HP and Curly are birthday twins, and we may all just faint from the power of their cuteness combined.  Once we recover, we’ll be sure to post photographic evidence.