Daily Archives: November 19, 2009

All by myself….

Come on, admit it, you sang that blog title, too.  Was rather hoping someone on Glee would sing this in last night’s episode, but oh well.

We seem to be in a break from teething. The whimpering has stopped, and although we can’t see them, 2 sharp little teeth can be felt on Curly’s lower gums.

In the last few days Curly has suddenly become really good at sitting on his own and he’s beginning to figure out how to get from belly/crawl position to sitting and back again.  But he’s become IMPOSSIBLE on the changing table. Thank goodness it’s not every change, but more and more often he flips himself over and tries to crawl away.  Even if we’ve got both of his ankles in hand, he flips his torso.  The other night I ended up holding him nearly off the table by only his ankles.  I am not looking forward to the day when he tries these antics in the middle of a poopy diaper change.

Oh, and we got this cool new toy that when you press on the top of its head it plays a cheery little tune and “crawls” along a hard surface slowly for 15 seconds.  Great motivation for a baby that’s beginning to crawl.  I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with dogs that play with/destroy toys, but cats would likely be fascinated and entertained by it as well.