Finding our stride

I am soon to complete my second week at home with Mister Curly, and I believe we have found a pretty good stride. At nearly 3 months old, he is better at sharing cues for being hungry, sleepy, happy, bored, etc, and I am better at picking up on them. I’ve been marking down his natural patterns and found that things are very manageable as long as he gets lots and lots of sleep and naps.

Speaking of sleep, we had nearly a two-week run of the boy sleeping 6-9 solid hour stretches at a time, waking up for a change and feed, and then sleeping another 3 hours. Last night’s sleep wasn’t so good, and he was cluster feeding in the afternoon, leading us to believe this is a temporary growth spurt. We have undeniably been thrilled about getting so much lovely sleep these days.

Curly and I have been on a few adventures together- to a couple parks, the mall, out to lunch with Nutella and then grandma, strolling the streets of a historic town, and even to a play group. At this point, he’s just as happy staring up at a tree in our backyard as he would be looking at trees at the zoo (and not noticing the animals), so while these activities are more for me right now than for him, I do notice he loves being out and about and hope it’s broadening his horizons.

As for changes in him…he’s gotten very chatty these days. It started out with lots of low “oh” sounds and today has changed to small shrieks and other high-pitched noises. He’s constantly sucking on his hands and fingers, though he does not always realize he can’t eat and do that at the same time. He can roll over from his tummy to his back, but still couldn’t care less about grabbing toys, though he will stare at them (but prefers faces).

So, we’re having a pretty good time these days. And the highlight? Picking out which outfit he will wear in the morning. I never shared this before, but I have a slight obession with baby clothes (totally out of character for me). I’m especially glad we had a boy because the selection of girl clothes out there kind of makes me want to vomit, but as long as I steer clear of sports and trucks in the boy section, I have tons of fun shopping for him. So I present to you a mini fashion show of some of my favorites, complete with matching facial expressions:

9 months in solitary

9 months in solitary

Puppy dog eyes

Puppy dog eyes

Binoculars explorer

Binoculars explorer

I run on green energy

I run on green energy

Big deal

Big deal

16 responses to “Finding our stride

  1. I LOVE his expression in the last one, “I’m a really big deal!” WINK! What a charmer you have!

  2. I also love dressing my baby each morning. Even though sometimes I’m the only one to see the outfit before she spits up on it, it’s still a highlight of my day – what will you wear today? Sadly, she doesn’t enjoy getting dressed as much as I enjoy dressing her.

  3. What a cute fashion show. You’re right… the facial expressions match the clothes!

  4. wow, he is getting so big and so fast!! Great fashion show!!

  5. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time – I’m so happy that you’re both getting some sleep!

    He’s such a cutie.

  6. the fashion show is adorable! glad to hear you and miles are getting into a grove and enjoying each other’s company! 🙂

  7. It’s fantastic that both of you get to have this alone time with him and I’m thrilled that you two slid into your time like you were old friends.

    Your adorable with your secret obsession with baby clothes and the fashion show was fun. He’s a doll. And really, why are girls baby clothes so vomitous? Thank god for etsy.

  8. Next in Line

    I love Mile’s clothes. No wonder you love dressing him. He makes everything look good.

  9. I love the onesie’s too! Sometimes I feel like he’s a doll for me to dress:)

  10. Seriously cute clothes to go with his cute little self!

  11. You have GOT to print those and put them in an album! (Can I have copies??)

  12. wow, those faces really do match the outfits! Looks like you might have an actor there!

  13. the binoculars one is hilarious! what a great post. he is so darling and i love all of his little clothes!

  14. Like Miles, Emmett hasn’t quite realized that eating his fists prevent him for taking the bottle. We’ve had a few conversions that end in “fists are friends, not food”. He still insists on trying to eat them though…

    Cute pictures!

  15. reproducinggenius

    It sounds like you two have really hit your stride. How lovely! I absolutely loved the fashion show–too cute. Someone just gave us the “I’m a big deal” onesie. It’s too adorable .

  16. Where did you find the nine months in solitary one? That’s absolutely fabulous!

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