Daily Archives: July 16, 2009

I want a village by the sea

One of the best things about our beach vacation was staying in a house with my wonderful parents.  They love Strawberry and Curly and me, and I trust them to take care of him.  It was so amazing to have other people there that love him and can care for him when we needed a break.  It felt so wicked and indulgent to leave him in their care for 2 hours while we snuck off to a movie in the middle of the afternoon (Up! In 3D, highly recommended, bring tissues).  So peaceful to sit on the beach with him in his baby pod and know that he was sleeping soundly in the presence of his loved ones.  It makes me dream of a “village” where there are many loved ones all together and many children, of all ages, playing together.  I would love to see my son playing in the sand with your sons and daughters and for you to feel safe and happy to walk off for a while to hold your sweetie’s hand and stroll along the shore.  Or for you to serve up sandwiches at your house while I try to beat your sweetie at Scr@bble. And then, after the sun sets and the fireflies begin to twinkle, we each return to our own cozy homes and our own little families.  Strawberry and I put Curly to bed and then head off to bed ourselves, knowing that the days ahead will bring more laughter.  And when there are tears (and there are always tears) we will know, even in the dark night, that we aren’t alone.  There’s a village right outside our door and they have tears at times, too.

It is nice to have all of you out there across the great wide web. But I’m a people person and I truly would cherish having all of us physically close by.  An eternal optimist, I am. Sure, perhaps in the real world, we wouldn’t get along all that well, but I can dream it, right?