Daily Archives: July 3, 2009

9 Things

Quick update on the bottle situation… There has been more screaming and more rejection, but finally we figured out something that works. He cannot be held in a breastfeeding or similar position when given a bottle…meaning, no laying down or cradling. If he is held on our lap, sitting up, with his back leaning against us, he will accept the bottle. We’ve done it like that twice today with no screaming or rejection…a little fussiness, but nothing too bad. YAY.

Without further adeiu, here is our “9 Things Meme” (9 Things that we love…and yes, originally it was 7, but I liked Insert Metaphor’s idea of 9 pictures and these go for both Nutella and I)

In no particular order, these things are:

1. Vacations
2. Gourmet food
3. Sleeping Curly
4. Theatre
5. Our chihuahua
6. Wineries
7. Friends
8. Smiling Curly
9. Each other

Thanks to the 3 blogs that tagged us…it looks like by now, pretty much everyone has done this 🙂 If you haven’t, consider yourself tagged.

Have a wonderful Independence Day if you’re in the US! See you in a week!