Daily Archives: July 2, 2009

Bottle FAIL

Perhaps we should have recognized that previous picture as foreboding. This was going to be a light, happy post full of pictures for that 7-9 things meme that’s going around, since we’ve been tagged and all, but we’ll tackle that one tomorrow. Here’s a little about our last two evenings.

Nutella had her last physical therapy appointment yesterday, so I was at home with little Mr. Curly for an hour. The timing was such that I was going to give him a bottle of breastmilk…no big deal. He’s been taking bottles on and off for a while now, though mostly feeding from the actual breast 90% of the time. So I begin to feed him, he sucks down an ounce, and then proceeds to SCREAMOHMYGODMAKEMEDEAF. Now, Nutella told me he hadn’t napped all day so my immediate thought was: Overtired. It happens. I finally get him calm, Nutella arrives home, feeds him from the boob, and he goes to sleep.

Tonight we spy┬ásome breastmilk in the fridge that is about to expire, so we decide I will give him that before sleep and then Nutella will finish him off with the boob. As soon as the bottle goes in his mouth (and yes, the milk was room temperature and tasted fine), he proceeds to SCREAMBLOODYMURDER again. And he’s had several naps throughout the day. It’s like something just clicked in his 2-month brain and he only. wants. boob. Unfortunately, he needs to be able to take a bottle, too. We had planned on going out on our beach trip and having the g-parents give him a bottle. Not to mention Nutella is going back to work soon and there will only be bottles during the day.

So, over the next two hours, we proceeded to try and feed him the bottle, try and maintain some sense of sanity and hearing while he screamed, calm him and try the whole thing over and over and over again. He finally got so tired and so hungry, he gave up and gulped down what was in the bottle. Tomorrow we’re going to do bottles and breast every other feeding until he accepts the bottle again without a fuss. This is definitely one of those Not Fun times of parenthood. My ears are still ringing.