Moving right along

Thank you for your good wishes on the last post, everyone. Always nice to have that support, even on the first go-round.

Nutella and I played hooky this morning and went to the dog park with our chihuahua. Chihuahuas don’t really appreciate the water, but we all had fun and it was a nice way to get away from things for a bit. Hope has been restored for try #2 and we’re going to do our best not to live life in 2 week increments, which can sometimes be difficult.

On the lighter side of things, a couple days ago when I was surfing the web for more information about ovulation and pregnancy tests, I found a site called There’s some good stuff on that website, but the little gem I found was this question:

I smoked some pot, drank a lot of beer, took Advil, am on the Pill, had sex, and had Chinese food for dinner. Can that affect my test results?

Mind you, this was on the Frequently Asked Questions list.

Kind of makes me want to ask “I went to the circus, rode a donkey, spilled a coke, swam in a community pool and painted my nails. Can that affect my test results?”

– Strawberry

6 responses to “Moving right along

  1. wow. that’s one hellofa question.

    there are a lot of crazies with internet access these days.

  2. WOW.

    The world of ‘There’s a little person inside my body, what am I doing to it by accident?’ is starting mighty early these days.

    Of course, this is coming from the same girl who once called her OB-GYN’s emergency line at 1:30 in the morning to find out if stage paint was harmful to unborn babies. (The doctor very kindly told me that if the paint was water-based and had no warnings on it, then the best way to get rid of my dizziness and lightheadedness was to go lay down.)

  3. I’m so sorry about your bfn. You two have such a refreshing attitude and I’m all hopes for you this next go. xo

    Pee on a stick .com will suck your days of waiting away.

  4. what a question that is… good find. I’ve seen before, its interesting with all the pictures of different tests and stuff.

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. What the hell is going on with that question. Sometimes I think if I smoked crack I would be more likely to get pregnant – seriously. I am so sorry to hear about your BFN. Hooky is so good for BFNs and I am sure a dog helps. If you come up with any tricks so you don’t live in 2 week incriments will you let me know. The only one I have found is to be very busy.

  6. L.babypants- Yeah, sometimes it does seem like being a 16-year-old crack addict would help. Nature can be really cruel that way, but what can you do. Keeping busy is probably the best thing, although I’m refocusing on just enjoying our couple time together right now. Nothing has changed really, except for the fact that we’re actively trying. Before we began trying (not that long ago, but now it seems like it!), we just enjoyed our time together and shared our dreams of what *would be* one day. So continuing to do that makes it easier, but we definitely had to wallow in the BFN crash for a couple days.

    – Strawberry

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