Daily Archives: June 26, 2008

Guest post by Nutella’s body parts in reaction to their BFN

Nips: WTF uterus?  I’ve been waiting 31 years to fulfill my destiny and FINALLY I start getting the signals I’ve been waiting for and now you go and start spotting like it’s nothing? 

Uterus: Oh, oops, my bad, not pregnant, was just testing you, ha ha!  Good job on the piercing needle sensation though.

Brain: Ok you two, break it up.  Let’s just take a few moments to review. Uterus, you started sending signals and nips, you responded just like you should.  Good job team!  Sorry we didn’t win it this time, but hey, next round is coming up and we need to be on our game, ok?  Now, hit the showers, drinks are on me.

Post-Script by Strawberry’s Brain and Taste Buds: Dude, homemade buttercream frosting is an awesome comfort food.