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You are never gonna believe the day I’ve had.

Warning: This is LONG


Yesterday I got the final court order for my name change in the mail. For those of your just hearing about this, I’m taking Strawberry’s last name and making my last name my new middle name. Not a big deal, but a big PITA. Anyway, I intended to stop by the motor vehicle office (MVA) that’s 2 min from my office this afternoon to change my driver license and perhaps my title and registration, if I had time.


On the TTC front, I brought 2 OPK’s to work with the intention of testing at 11 and again at 3. At 11 I did the first one and got a faint line. If my body follows its typical pattern, this means that I would get a darker line in the afternoon and a positive late tonight. After lunchtime I called the RE’s office to make an appt for a Friday afternoon IUI. After some convincing, the nurse gave me an appt for 3pm in the suburban office. Turns out, they normally only do IUI’s in the morning.


At 1:45 I headed over to the MVA and got a number. There were 31 numbers ahead of mine for new driver’s licenses. Good thing I brought a book. As I was sitting and waiting, the following sequence of events occurred:


2:12- Nurse calls. She can’t find the results of my STD screening tests in their system. I tell her that the RE never asked me to have them done, but that I had done the CMV screen on my own. She is dumbfounded and seems to imply that I can’t get inseminated without having the screening done. She’s going to call the RE and call me right back. I hang up, panic ensues.


2:19- RE calls, and I run out to the vestibule of the MVA. Haven’t I had STD tests done in the last year? No. Why didn’t I get them done? Um you didn’t tell me to, I got the CMV done because I wanted to know for picking a donor. Do I feel comfortable going thru with the IUI without them? Of course! Well, then she will draw the blood for the tests when I am in the office for my IUI. (Cue hysterical deep breathing Nutella) Here’s where I try to calmly explain how much of a needlephobe I am and how this would be a VERY BAD IDEA. I ask if I can get them done at the lab near me today and she agrees, takes the name and location of the lab and ends the call. I stand in the vestibule and will myself not to cry.


2:22- I run out to my car dialing Strawberry at work to tell her the whole saga. With her on hands-free I start the car and head off to the lab about 10 min away. She looks up their hours and reassures me that they are open until 4pm. I will have to do the blood draw alone. I begin the psych myself up for it when call waiting beeps.


2:25- The nurse needs to clarify which lab location I am headed to. I clarify; she has the lab order ready to fax.


2:29 As I am almost at the lab building, the nurse calls again. Turns out TODAY ONLY the lab is closing at 1pm. So I ask her for the address of the other lab in the same suburb and she gives it to me. I ask her to please fax it to that location. At a traffic light I pull out my map book and try to plot the best route.


2:32- The nurse calls again to tell me that lab #2 also closed at 1pm TODAY ONLY. I pull off the road. After a chat with the nurse we decide to move the IUI to Saturday morning in the city office, and I will go to the lab closest to my work for the required STD tests on Friday. Resigned to this turn of events I head back to the MVA.


2:50- There are still 16 numbers ahead of me at the MVA. I wait and read and finally I am called and I leave with my new license at 4:10.


Back at work, I miraculously have no voice mails or emails. OPK at 4:30 shows a darker line, but still not positive.


Now, I’m off to the airport to pick up our houseguest. Ah, the excitement that is my life.



Timing is Everything

Question for people out there using IUI- how soon after the surge (double line on the OPK) are you doing (or planning on doing) the IUI?

We’ve seen conflicting information and research studies on this, so I’m wondering what you’ve heard. Links to sources would be much appreciated, too. Thank you!!

– Strawberry