Worst cramps of my life

Someone mentioned that starting TTC made their menstural cramps worse.  And I can tell you that seems to be the case for me.   Usually I have about 1.5 days of cramping in my abdomen and lower back.  Relieved by 3 ibuprofen every 6 hours.  Well, Saturday followed that pattern and then Sunday morning at 4am I was awoken my the most excruciating cramps of my life.  It was too soon to take more ibuprofen, I had to wait until 5.  At 5, I ate a granola bar, drank a glass of milk and took them.  An hour later I was still in agony.  Took 2 extra strength tylenol.  Still in agony, heating pad helped a bit, but was still in pain on and off all day.  Popping the 3 ibuprofen every 6 hrs.  And again this morning at 5, after my last dose wore off I was awoken by the pain.  Another trip to the kitchen for milk, granola bar, and pills in the dark.  It’s now the 3rd full day of pain.  And yes, I can still feel the cramps through the meds. I am NOT HAPPY about this.  Strawberry and I think that this, along with the symptoms that I had during the 2WW (I didn’t mention the nausea, hypersensitivity to smell, or fatigue), confirms that I did indeed conceive but that it didn’t stick.  I’m not concerned, since I think it just means my body knows what’s good to keep and what’s bad to get rid of.  Even so, OUCH!

14 responses to “Worst cramps of my life

  1. OUCH. Sorry. Hoping you feel better soon!

  2. i have experienced the same. i’m not sure if the extra goodies from the iui are to blame or not. but whatever it is is not nice! i’ve even noticed that the periods tend to be a little longer too. it’s totally weird. hoping it stops soon!

  3. Sorry! Do you do acupuncture? That can help with cycle regulation and has, over several months, really reduced my cramps.

  4. Giggle, so far it’s only the pain that has been different. Flow and duration seem to be unaffected. Weird!

    Lizzie, I too have heard great things about acupuncture, but I’m a big needlephobe so it’s not an option for me.

  5. I’m really sorry to hear that the cramps are so horrible. I used to have them so bad, I would pass out in the bathroom, so I get it.
    I’m not a fan of the needles either but I, too am advocating acupuncture. My cramps have almost disappeared since starting it. In fact, I was really scared of the cramps this month b/c I heard the progesterone could make them worse, but AF arrived without me even knowing it. I had a bit of cramping but nothing major.
    Hope you feel better soon…

  6. Perhaps I could be the guinea pig with regards to acupuncture (I always thought it sounded pretty cool)…

    – Strawberry

  7. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain 😦

  8. Oh, OUCH. Mine have been more painful than usual recently, too, but I have nothing good to show for it.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I start at 4 motrins and an alleve at the beginning of a bad day, and sometimes need more motrin when the first 4 wear off. That’s my own damn fault for having so many headaches I’ve got a tolerance to ibuprofen, though.

  9. cramps stick. Sucks that you have them so bad, I hope that you start to feel better very very soon!

  10. Love the new look!

    Gosh, those cramps sound pretty wretched.

    And, thanks for all the info. It sounds so much nicer up there…. Do you think there is any validity to the rumor that they’re next in line to pass a favorable marriage law?

  11. I am sorry you have been in such pain. I LOVE the new look to the Header.

  12. Teaberry- I’m not sure we’re next in line, but I definitely feel as if we’re in the top 3. Overall it’s a very blue state and comparatively, we have more rights here than many other states.

    L.babypants- Thanks! We had fun finding the *perfect* image 🙂

  13. hey I just wanted to say that I loved the new header… it looks yummy!

  14. my period changed completely after i started TTC. NOT for the better, either. Methinks that Aunt Flow is horribly offended by Speculums and Catheters. She seems to be pretty territorial. Hope those cramps go away soon!

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