Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

Relegated to a chair.

Poor Nutella. I joined her today for her blood draw. One of the annoying issues that happened prior to the draw was that the order was for some tests that she didn’t need because they had been done before (like the CMV test for one). Nutella nearly cried when they said they’d need 5 vials of blood. After she spoke with the nurse at the fertility clinic, she was able to talk them down to 3. I did my best to convince her it would be alright…that 3 vials could still be done fairly quickly.

Nutella was smart to lie down this time and I was going to stand next to her and hold her hand. Well, the phlebotomist said, ‘The last time I had two girls in this room when I drew blood, the one who wasn’t getting it drawn fainted.” I laughed and nodded. But then she told me to sit down in the chair opposite Nutella. I said, “Oh, I’m fine with seeing blood, I don’t need to sit.” She wasn’t having it. I said, “Really, you could splatter blood on me and I’d still be fine…I’ve watched this before.” Then there was another technician standing by the door who basically said I had to sit or leave. Now, I understand why…fine, it’s a liability I guess. But it sucked and I felt really bad that I couldn’t hold Nutella’s hand. So I had to wait there and talk to her while the blood was coming out…1, 2, 3 vials. And as soon as they pulled the needle out, I shouted “It’s out! They’re done! All done!”, having learned my lesson last time when I said “It’s coming out” (meaning the needle), and Nutella told me to shut it, thinking I was talking about the blood, and thought they had left the needle in her for another 3-5 minutes after it was over 😦

Anyway, needless to say I did not faint and as soon as that needle was out, I jumped up and held her and administered the chocolate. And on my way out, I said to the phlebotomist, “I hope this helps convince you that not everyone who watches is going to faint.” Nyeh.

Now I’m worrying and apparently having little panic attacks over what the IUI will be like for Nutella. She assures me nothing could be as bad as needles though. I hope not.

– Strawberry

There’s a hole in my arm

Well, I survived the blood draw with minimal tears, hyperventilation, and chocolate.  Encountered a few rather annoying issues prior to the actual draw though.  Oh, and I returned to work to find I had 1,093 new emails.  Turns out that when our email account changed my name it marked every email in my inbox and folders as “new”.  Good times.


Reactions to my awful afternoon

Hi everyone, thanks for your kind words and wishes on my ordeal yesterday.  I shared with you the series of events, but not my feelings on the matter.  I’ll sum it up in one word.


I am angry beyond belief that I am being required to get these tests done, and that the RE didn’t tell me to get them done 3 MONTHS ago when we saw her.  She didn’t even apologize.  Refused to even admit that she didn’t tell me to get them done.  It isn’t worth my time or effort to argue that issue, so I let it go.  We thought we had done everything right and on time and then this gets thrown at us.  Sure fire way to upset, stress, and freak out a needlephobe?  Surprise her with mandatory blood work.  Not only that, but mandatory UNNECESSARY blood work.  But that’s a whole separate issue.

I am feeling much saner today, although still freaking out about the blood draw.  I’m so relieved that I won’t have to face it alone.  Strawberry and I will share a nice lunch then go to the lab together.  And I will ask to lay down this time.  I will have chocolate ready and waiting for when I’m done.

As expected, had an almost positive OPK at 9:30 pm last night and a positive a 7am this morning, so it looks like the timing will be fine with the Saturday morning IUI.  I am resigned and fairly calm, but really, I think this month will end up being a practice run.