Behold the first series of belly shots.  Weeks 11-13.  Things are starting to change there.  The belly is very firm.  When pressed from the outside it feels like you are pressing on a very well inflated beach ball.  Bought my first maternity jeans over the weekend.  I’ve decided that for the moment I hate the belly band and anything else that has to be tight over my belly.  I much prefer things that sit below it.  

In other news, I really didn’t appreciate the surprise puke on Monday morning just before I left the house for work.  In about 10 seconds, I went from feeling totally fine to crouching on the kitchen floor with a glass bowl in hand. Otherwise, I’ve been feeling better these days.

Thanks for all of your great comments on our last post!

11 responses to “Belly

  1. cool… the growing belly, not the surprise kitchen hurling!

  2. Nice belly shots! I hope the puking stops.

  3. Looking good, looking good! I love it when people post belly shots. Maybe you SHOULD do a puking shot we won’t be so jealous, haha!

  4. Wow wow wow. Yours was one of the first ttc blogs I started reading, before your BFP (before I even knew about BFP and TWW etc), so it is super exciting to see you going from being mama wannabes to announcing bfps and posting baby scans and belly-shots. Congratulations on your cupcake!

  5. i def see a difference! and, uh, on an unrelated note, i’m loving the color combo of the walls and the blue tank top 🙂


  6. Haha, boombabay, it’s very amusing that you should say that because in reality those 2 colors are PAINFUL together. The tank is a very bright turquoise and the wall is a very warm deep coppery orange.

  7. keely- glad to have you reading!

    boomba- well, nutella may think it’s harsh, but i, too, like the color combo 😉 we’re definitely not afraid of color in our home.

    thanks, others, for your comments 🙂

  8. Yay for belly shots! I can’t wait to see it in person in a couple of weeks. 😀

  9. reproducinggenius

    I definitely see a difference–I so love belly shots. I’m sorry to hear about the surprise puking though!

  10. I love the belly shots too, suck about the puking though!! Hopefully it was just saying goodbye?!? lol

  11. I love the belly shots – thank you for posting them.. And I totally understand you about the surprise puking- so uncomfortable and it always makes me shaky..

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