Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

More adventures with receptionists

11 weeks today. Cupcake is around the size of a fig or an apricot. I guess soon Cupcake will be the size of an actual cupcake. Mmm…cupcakes.

Nutella just made the appointment for the nuchal translucency scan (the ultrasound that will test for the likelihood of Down Syndrome). We’re not doing a blood test in combination with the ultrasound…I mean, we’re pretty much just doing the ultrasound to see the cupcake again. Yes, we’re ultrasound junkies…can’t get enough. The appointment is on Thurs, Oct 16 when we’ll be at 13w1d. The confused billing people told us the cost estimate was $1200. We think that’s for everything and using their billing codes, came up with our own estimate of around $600 (before the “consult” part). Can anyone help by providing their own cost for when they got it done? Luckily our insurance will cover most of it.

No more puking episodes since Monday. Nutella is taking 2 zantac (equivalent to prescription strength) twice a day, and that’s keeping the worst of the heartburn and nausea at bay, though the nausea is still a tricky bitch these days. And a fun new symptom- Nutella can’t seem to get a decent night’s sleep. How is this physiologically beneficial again?