Daily Archives: October 23, 2008

14th week

So we’re officially in the second trimester, no matter how the sources out there look at it. We would like to never, ever repeat the first trimester…ever. And yes, this means our goal is and has always been one child.

Emotionally-speaking, the first trimester has been filled with as many moments of worry and anxiety as excitement. I don’t envy anyone going through it, especially those early few weeks. And we send our love and support to those out there whom we know are experiencing this right now.

Our next OB appointment is a regular monthly check-up on Monday. We’re guessing weight, urine sample, maybe a measurement and some chatting. Anything else we should be aware of?

We just booked a vacation to South Beach in late December. We’re calling it our “Conception Moon” after a short conversation in which we decided a “Baby Moon” would be after the baby is born, as a Honeymoon happens after the marriage has taken place. The Baby Moon may take place with or without baby in tow when it happens, but that’s a long way off and so now we’re looking forward to our respite from the bitter cold when we escape to the beach this winter.

I see Nutella’s tummy growing slightly more and more. She made a deal with me to call me wherever she is (if I’m not with her) when she feels the baby move. I picture our future child and am sometimes overcome with emotion and a sort of pride I can already feel. I am equally picturing a boy or a girl at this point…trying harder to imagine a boy so that if it’s a girl, it’ll be an even happier surprise. We already have names picked out…we have for a long time…but it’s fun to keep tossing others back and forth, especially when they’re really wacky.

They say you can quit worrying so much in the second trimester, so we’re starting to do that and live more in the joy. Shopping will have to wait a while longer though, even if we do find ourselves eyeing the baby sections of stores. We’ve begun talking more about the “transform second bedroom to nursery” plan, but are going to need to do more research before putting it into action. The room is already a fun, cool, bright green so we’re thinking maybe a frog theme. We’re just not sure when to take the proverbial leap to say ok, let’s buy this…but that time will come soon enough and the excitement is building!