Happy song

All kids do cute things. They come and they go; this one started over 6 months ago and we never expected it to hang on as long as it has, but we love it. The prompting you see here is just so we could capture it on video. Most of the time, we hear this song from across the room as he plays by himself or he’s in the car seat.

10 responses to “Happy song

  1. How can that not make everyone happy!? Adorable.

  2. reproducinggenius

    Well that is positively joyful! Love it! That boy is adorable.

  3. Entirely too cute for his own good!

  4. He is too cute for words! What a little ham!

  5. Oh man, that is cute. 🙂

  6. And he LOOKS so happy. I love stuff like this.

  7. So cute and so happy!

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