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Orange you glad

Thanks to An Offering of Love, every month we have a photo project to take part in, each with a different color theme.

October is: Orange


We are looking forward to celebrating Halloween, starting today through Monday. Curly went to school today dressed as a last-minute Grover and with the “Monster at the End of this Book” book. This week was Spirit Week at his daycare- day 1 was hat day, day 2 was pajama day, day 3 was backwards day, day 4 was mix-match day and today is ‘dress like your favorite storybook character’ day. And yes, Grover is much more than a storybook character, but Curly loves the Monster book and was so excited to don his Grover hat and all blue outfit this morning.

There is a costume parade at his school today…actually it was at 10am, but we couldn’t make it due to work (but for the people who work in the same building as the daycare…lucky them!). There is another costume parade in our neighborhood around 4pm today, so we’ll try to leave early for that. Tonight is also our neighborhood’s annual pumpkin walk in the woods after dark, complete with warm apple cider and hot chocolate. Tomorrow Nutella and I have a babysitter coming so we can attend a Masquerade ball and art show. Then of course, Monday we’ll be trick-or-treating with the little guy and handing out candy after he goes to bed. Yay for Halloween!

We’ve been having a lot of fun picking apples and pumpkins this Fall. Curly is especially into it now and happily tries to pick up ‘puckins.’ Here are a few pictures from our outings.

Row row row your stuff

Toddlers are…interesting. Curly started doing this thing several months ago and still does it like it’s going out of style. He makes rows. Yes, rows.

Long rows.

Short rows.

Rows of books.

Rows of whatever.

Just give him some stuff and yes siree, he’ll make a row out of it. And then announce his row and look quite pleased with himself.

So, toddler parents, what…interesting things do your kids do?


In honor of National Coming Out Day, here’s an oldie but goodie:

Pow Pow!

  • Nutella’s new job is going well so far and her stress level is waaaay down. So, so nice for all of us.
  • Curly’s language continues to improve. He is saying more phrases, although his pronunciation is still poor, but that’s common. Some phrases include “I got it!”, “I want/don’t want that”, “I want to [eat/play/go]’, telling us when something is ‘Mommy’s shoes’ or ‘[Curly’s] baby’, and finally…FINALLY, he is starting to differentiate between Mommy and Ima. Up until now he’s been calling us both Mommy which has been driving Nutella crazy because we ALWAYS refer to her as Ima. But Curly didn’t really ‘get’ what an Ima was- it’s all mommies and daddies at daycare. Luckily he has known for a long time that he has two mommies, but just recently he’s started to call Nutella “Ima.” About half the time. lol. He’s also constantly parroting what we say, sometimes with the same tone or inflection.
  • We booked another cruise for January (our last was when Curly was 20 months old, for this one he’ll be a little past 2 1/2) We do not have family coming with us this time, but we do have a good friend who will be assisting with Curly. We’re paying her way so that she will be on stand-by for his daily naps and when he goes to bed around 7pm every night, meaning we’ll have a lot of time to enjoy that’s just the two of us. The ship also has a kid’s club for 2 and up, so we can always drop him off there for an hour or two on sea days while we do a non-child-friendly activity. The cruise is only Florida and the Bahamas, but we’re excited about the new “format.”
  • Our kid is pretty great- he’s sweet, funny, and he can pull it together usually (he’s not prone to having tantrums/outbursts past a few seconds). I took him in for his last Hep B shot and flu shot at the beginning of this week. As soon as he saw the assistant come in with the wrapped-up needles, he began to cry and cling to me. I was able to lay him down and he just gave in while I held his hands and spoke to him gently. As soon as the shots were over, an Elmo sticker and some blueberries made it all better, although he loved pointing out his ‘boo boos’ the rest of the day. Last night at dinner he was absurdly tired, but instead of having a tantrum, he had a serious giggle attack and laughed until tears rolled down his face. It was disconcerting, but way better than a tantrum, and when he got us to laugh with him, it made him laugh even harder. Goofball.
  • He’ll be 2 and a half in less than a month and time keeps flying by.


Purple People Eater

Thanks to An Offering of Love, every month we have a photo project to take part in, each with a different color theme.

September is: Purple