So that’s how that works

Until about a week ago, Curly was mostly saying one and two word phrases: ‘big truck’, ‘dog eat’, ‘bye mommy’, ‘want more.’ Occasionally we would hear a 3 word phrase: ‘more cereal please’, ‘I got it’, ‘No want it.’ Without comparing his language skills to his peers, of equal or lesser age, it seemed Curly’s language skills were slooooowly increasing and not terribly shabby. Compared to the rest of the kids in his daycare class, they were largely lacking and it worried us. When would he start using sentences? Pronouns? The word ‘the’? Referring to himself? Expressing himself better? All the other kids were already doing it. We had considered for the 900th time getting him evaluated again. He just seemed so behind.

And then it happened. We had heard stories of people saying ‘one day my kid wasn’t really talking, and then next day, boom! Language explosion.’ We thought it might not happen for Curly. That he would need extra help. But then we began noticing him using 4 and 5 word sentences. Referring to himself with ‘me’ and ‘my’ and us with ‘you’ and ‘your.’ Using the word ‘the.’ Talking, talking, talking. People said, ‘don’t worry, once he starts talking he won’t stop’…and we see now, they’re right.

Things we’ve heard over the past few days: ‘Open the box, mommy’ (‘please’ after coaxing him)’, ‘I need a tissue’, ‘This my hat, not your hat’, ‘Mommy comin downstairs!’, ‘I wanna go [friend] house’, ‘[Curly] get in the car’, ‘Train broken, Ima, fix please’, ‘[Curly] see BIIIG boat!’Β  He much more consistently uses people’s names, instead of not calling them anything like he used to. He asks ‘what’s that?’ all the time and listens to what we tell him, repeating the words we say much more often. He tells us what’s happened at school when we ask…well, a couple things of interest at least. His pronunciation is still pretty poor, but that’s normal at his age. We are just so relieved and happy to hear what he has to say.

17 responses to “So that’s how that works

  1. Go Curly! I am happy to read this as our guy is also slow in the language department. He is definitely making progress, but slowly and is definitely behind most of his peers. However, he understands a ton and shows no signs of any problem at all, so we’re just watching and waiting.

  2. Oh yay! So happy to hear this. And can’t wait to see it in person.
    Our guys are just starting to get receptive language (for ex., Tiny understands when I say: “No Tiny. No touch.” and will sort of stop what he is about to do.) I find language acquisition so fascinating. So glad Curly is finally having his long-awaited explosion in this developmental area.

  3. Oh, that’s so exciting! It must be so much fun hearing everything he has to say!

  4. I’m so happy to read stuff like this. S is behind and we’ve had her assessed. Now she’s on super long waitlist for speech therapy that we’ve been told it may not be needed by the time we get there!

  5. lol I just re-read what I wrote. Oops. S and I will be learning our language skills together!

  6. Way to go Curly! I’ve been a bit worried about my kids too. At 15 months, they only have about 15 – 20 words, plus a few animal sounds. I was an early talker, so my family was expecting the same of them. It’s hard to see people disappointed in my kids, and to wonder if there is something I could be doing differently to help them along. It’s good to know that most kids do catch up.

  7. This is so awesome to hear! Christopher’s speech progress has been slow too and we worry about it constantly. We’ve had him assessed once and he has an appointment for another assessment just after his second birthday, but we go back and forth on whether we should pursue private speech therapy if he’s still not delayed enough to qualify for services through EI. Question: did Curly ever drop consonants off the back of words? Like “da” instead of “dog”, “bo” instead of “boat”? I’ve been told that this is something you need speech therapy to correct, but I’m not really sure if that’s even true.

  8. I’m so glad to read this! Go Curly, go!

  9. Woohoo curly!
    He’ll be talking nonstop from now on and you’ll be wishing for some quiet time πŸ™‚

  10. That’s fantastic! Curly is such a cutie and I’m so glad to see him growing up (sniff, sniff!). I remember this with my niece, and yes, now she won’t shut up. One day she was saying single words and the next we were having long involved imaginative play with discussion and questions. It was bizarre, but awesome. Kids rock.

  11. Wow! I love how development in kids just explodes. It must be pretty great to hear what comes out of his mouth.

  12. How exciting! Go Curly! I can’t imagine how great it must be to get more of a sense of what’s going on in his head. πŸ™‚

  13. That’s great news! We’ll have to get the boys together so they can yammer at each other. πŸ™‚

  14. Great news! My friend’s son didn’t say a word until he was 2.5 and then one day he said a complete sentence. It is so much fun to hear what goes on in their minds!

  15. Yay, little guy! I know it’s scary not knowing if there is an issue, but it’s great news that it just happened! There will be no stopping him now. πŸ™‚

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