Better late than…

Thanks to An Offering of Love, every month we have a photo project to take part in, each with a different color theme. I wasn’t able to complete last month’s color, so this month is a two-fer. Not to be all Christmas-y but…

July was: Red

August is: Green

9 responses to “Better late than…

  1. Very cool. I like the different angles and also that the subjects are so different…I never would have thought to shoot the peas.

  2. there are so many good photos here, i dont know which one is my favorite! the brick wall is really cool, i love the angle of your photo. and the two outside nature-y green ones are beautiful – what kind of tree/vine is that? (first i was thinking it was a grape vine…but maybe not?)

  3. I love the brick wall!

  4. I love these!

  5. Very inspiring 🙂

  6. Beautiful shots! I especially love the amphitheater one – the grass and trees look so cool punctuated by the stone.

  7. love the bricks and the amphitheater! Great perspective.

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