10 things I learned from the Hurricane

  1. The battery on our portable DVD player only lasts for 95% of a 90 minute movie.
  2. At any given time, I have WAY too many containers of yogurt in the fridge.
  3. Underneath all those containers, my fridge shelves are kinda gross.
  4. Shelf stable organic vanilla milk is tasty on its own but sucks as a substitute for half and half in coffee.
  5. Passionfruit syrup+ home infused strawberry vodka+ rum + seltzer= a damn tasty Hurricane!
  6. Strawberry buttercream, cranberry orange, and white linen are all lovely candle scents by themselves.  All together they’re horrible.
  7. No one else wants to park under the large tree overhanging the street in front of our house either.
  8. Curly sleeps just fine without white noise, Strawberry not so much.
  9. We are willing to drive around for 30 minutes looking for somewhere to get coffee when our power is out.
  10. Couch pillow forts are ALWAYS awesome, no batteries needed!

11 responses to “10 things I learned from the Hurricane

  1. I’d avoid the big tree, too! That’s just an accident waiting to happen. One trick we figured out on our mini DVD is to turn the contrast and brightness way down so it uses less juice. We’ve gotten 3 or 4 hours of playtime out of it by doing that–necessary on long plane rides.

    Hope things blow over and are back to normal soon!

  2. wishinghopingpraying

    It sounds like you weathered the storm really well. So glad you have power and are all safe and sound.

  3. I’m sorry you had to find all this out but the list gave me a good giggle. Hope things get back to normal soon.

  4. Making coffee was the first thing we did to prepare. Forget filling the bathtub or buying candles, we have our priorities!

  5. Now I know that I should have a method for preparing coffee ready next time something big comes out way!

  6. things i learned from hurricanes:
    how to BBQ soup
    that i can eat half a gallon of ice cream in 35 minutes
    how to make a bad ass slip n slide

  7. reproducinggenius

    I believe I have encountered a similar lethal fragrance combination. There is nothing like needing to burn every candle you have to enjoy a a little light only to find that it would have been better to sit in the dark!

    Glad you all made it through the storm well, even if you did have to endure questionable coffee additives!

  8. awesome list… we lost power in the middle of the night and it was the sudden silence that woke us up– no fan, nothing. We were both suddenly awake!

  9. I love your list! Forts and Hurricane drinks…fun.

  10. The Professor

    Glad you all made it through safely and even learned a few things. Not bad. 😉 The liquid hurricane sounds delicious!

  11. Love all of these. We too burned all of the candles at once…vanilla, some kind of white linen flower-ish, and melon. I wanted to hurl. 🙂

    Fortunately we didn’t have to drive for coffee, because I’d made iced coffee the day before. Had that not happened, we would have been screwed and cranky.

    Same goes with O. for the white noise!

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