Daily Archives: August 26, 2011


We seem to have hit another blogging funk. Things are moving along just fine here…not a whole lot to write about. We have our highs and lows with Curly. Wonderful to continue to get hearty laughs and hugs from him, or have him pick up a new word or phrase… not so good when he goes into ‘whining’ mode or acts like helping to clean up his toys is the END OF THE WORLD.

Oh, speaking of the end of the world… as I’m sure you know, we experienced a 5.9 earthquake this week, and a hurricane is right on its tail for this weekend. We’re all fine and as prepared as we can be. Just a little worried about Curly (and us) going stir-crazy in a house without power. Fingers crossed.

We lost two babysitters recently (they moved), but using care dot com again, found another fabulous one and a couple back-ups we’ll be interviewing soon. And speaking of interviews, Nutella has been on a couple lately in her job search, but sadly nothing has panned out yet. She’s still in the running for another possibility though, so hope is not lost…it’s just been difficult to go through (she has a job, but there are many issues with it. Still, we realize she is lucky enough to have one in the mean time).

Not sure what else to write. Curly’s daycare is closed Aug 31 through labor day for teacher training and the holiday, so we decided to just go on a little road trip then. Glad it’ll be post-hurricane! Then some time in September, Curly and his classmates are all supposed to move up to the “2’s” room. As always, this change is just as nerve-racking as it is exciting, but at least he already has some friends in that room that moved before him, even if he has to leave his (and our) favorite teacher. Anyway, good luck this weekend, all you East Coasters.