Pink cause you are so very

Thanks to An Offering of Love, every month we have a photo project to take part in, each with a different color theme.
April is: PINK

7 responses to “Pink cause you are so very

  1. wow, that cherry tree is gorgeous!!

    i love the new header – you are making me want to spruce up my blog for spring! :~)

  2. I wish I had a beautiful tree like that where I live. Dang snow!
    I too love the new header!

  3. That lip picture is cool – is that Nutella?

  4. Yes, Olive. And I’m just corny enough to have told her it makes me want to kiss the screen.

  5. That tree is amazing! Lovely pics 🙂

  6. LOL @ wanting to kiss the screen…

    You got great “pink” shots!

  7. love these all, but i think my favorite is curly’s pink lips and pink bottle. very nice.

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