Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Aww nuts!

So we’ve been a little quieter lately…just not a whole lot to write about. Anyone got any ideas?

Just after he turned 2, we had to take Curly in for his second blood draw to measure his lead level and also do an allergy panel. His first blood draw was at 1 year old, and he was so good about it. I mean, he cried the whole time, but he let me hold him and didn’t fight it. We were worried how he would be at the second draw, being a year older and much stronger, but he handled it just like the first one. He cried, but didn’t bawl, he let me hold him and cuddle him on my lap and he also watched what was happening…fascinated by his blood going through the little tube. We are so proud of our brave boy.

We had the allergy panel done because even though he had been eating peanut butter with no problem from the time he was 10 months old, at 16 months he had a reaction. He spit out his pb & j and began to cry and scratch at his tongue. The next night we gave him a tiny amount to see if the reaction would be the same and it was. We haven’t given him peanut butter since and the doc told us to wait and do the allergy panel at his 2 year blood draw. She called us yesterday with the results (yes, our awesome pediatrician actually picked up the phone out of the blue and called us with the results, which is why even though her office isn’t that great, we’ve stuck with her this whole time).

She gave us the good news- that Curly’s lead level was nearly undetectably low (it was in the mid-range at his one year appt, so this was relieving) and he did not show an allergic reaction to anything but a mild reaction to peanuts. She told us to continue to stay away from peanut butter, but that he could possibly grow out of his allergy to it, and we don’t have to worry about cross-contamination (and we haven’t been). So yay!