Daily Archives: May 1, 2011


Today our Curly is two.  Can’t believe how astounding that milestone feels.  It just seems like a huge step.  I mean, TWO is way bigger than 24 months, you know what I mean?  He’s such a kid now.  I’m starting to see “babyish” things coming to an end.  Some, I’m pretty excited about.  Peeing in the potty?  No more diapers at some point in the future?  HELL YEAH!!!  But no more wearing in the Ergo?  WOE and sadness.  I can still manage his 28ish lbs, but it’s getting to be too much for Strawberry and we know the time is coming soon when we won’t be able to wear him anymore.  Already we see a difference in the stuff we can buy him or that he receives as gifts.  We have to look harder for the non-gendered items and toys and books and stickers.

There is a part of me that is crying out “Wait! I didn’t get enough!”  Already those tiny baby days are fading.  I look at a picture of him at 3 weeks and I struggle to see the same Curly. I hold a 3 month old and I am shocked by how little space they take up and how helpless they are.  Still, there’s no desire to go through it all again.  Although the memory is getting hazier, I’ll never forget how awful a lot of it was.

But the things we have now?  And the things we are looking forward to?  They’re wonderful! Curly is an amazing person.  When he figures out something new, or manages a clear communication I can see those pieces clicking in him.  Building his personality and preferences.  How proud I am when he takes a leap of faith with us and the results delight and amaze him.  This morning, surrounded by family and friends, he stood in front of the lit “2” candle atop his cupcake tower and to everyone’s delight, he leaned over and blew it out, right on cue.

Curly and friends play with the bird themed bean bags we made as favors.